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If you haven’t heard of it’s definitely work checking out. I’ve always used for any online Bible study and…

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Truth versus Tune

Does anyone else find themselves singing popular worship songs (both hymns and modern) and thinking, “What in the world does this mean?” I like to…

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Worldviews in MTV’s Video Music Awards

As CPYU always recommends, I watched some of MTV’s Video Music Awards to get a feel for the current trends and status of culture. Dana and I had some…

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Upcoming “Life in student ministry” podcast

I’ve been disappointed by the lack of quality youth ministry podcasts available. Most seem to just push products and services or ramble on and on about…

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Active listening

Here’s a good page that contains many good tips and reminders for small group leaders and anyone in ministry. I tell the small group leaders at my church…

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Building online communities for youth ministry

The last two weeks of my life have been spent focusing on rebuilding my youth group’s website, like 10 hours a day! The old site was just a bunch of HTML…

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Where are the 20-somethings?

I’ve never done this before, but a short little blog post by CPYU’s College Transition Initiative just sparked so many thoughts that I had to copy…

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Two anniversaries today

Tonight Dana and I splurged by going out to On The Border and splitting a meal. The occasion? Today is our one month wedding anniversary and our three year…

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Ukraine Missions Trip Video

I’ve been wanting to get this video posted for a couple days now, but unfortunately it’s too long for YouTube. So, I’m trying out Google Video…

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Honeymoon video

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