Growing old with you, Dana

Dana, the wedding is just a week away! This is for you (except for the dishes and drinking part). ;) I love you and can’t wait to spend the rest of my…

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Transition point in life

So many changes taking place in my life:
— Went from two part-time jobs to only one (at church).
— Being married in 10 days.
— Packing all…

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Home from Ukraine today

It feels weird to be back in the States again. I don’t stick out as an American tourist here and I can actually eavesdrop on conversations and understand…

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Pictures from Ukraine

Having a great time of effective ministry, training, and relationships! Here are some pictures real quick. I’ll have a big videoblog entry when I get…

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Off to the Ukraine

Tomorrow (June 27) I leave for a 12 day missions trip in Ukraine. Please remember to pray for me and the other four adults from my church who are going…

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Church worship and icons

A friend of mine posted today some thoughts I’ve also shared and discussed with other ministry friends concerning church worship and icons. I…

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One year anniversary of my blog

This day last year I had slow night and randomly decided to register and build a blog. There really wasn’t any direction or purpose…

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What I dream for a church

Sparked by Dan Kimball’s recent blog post, I put together my own dream for a church, especially as it pertains to me in ministry.

In no particular…

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Uncertain about NYWC this year

Every year I look forward to attending Youth Specialties’ National Youth Workers Convention, especially this year since it’s relatively close by in…

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Time invested in ministry is primarily for God

Tonight I was skimming through some material in Doug Field’s book, Purpose Driven Youth Ministry, in preparation for my youth leadership training in the…

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