I wanna hire an atheist, too!

Man, I wish I could hire an atheist off ebay to critically evaluate my church’s ministry. That kind of information would be invaluable. Looks like…

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Two new ministry resources

I’ve added two new resources to my Free Youth Ministry Resources page:
Principles for Confrontation
No one enjoys confrontation. This document contains…

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Lessons from “The Core” training

Yesterday I attended Youth Specialties’ “The CORE” youth workers seminar with a couple volunteers from Redeemer. We had a good time and came…

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Date night with Dana

Dana and I spend a lot of time together, but it’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to go out on an actual date together. So, I changed our…

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Quotes from “Accidential Youth Leader”

I’ve never heard of the book Accidential Youth Leader, but Marshall posted some good quotes from it.

– Young people are purpose-built by God to…

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Why I stay away from MySpace isn’t fairing so well lately. PC World reported last weekend a summary of the bad news the site is receiving lately. Granted, it’s the…

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Lessons in Abilene

I learned two things on this trip.
First, that Dana requires a lot more attention than I can give her, and that’s okay. She thrives off of people more…

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My first videoblog

Just thought I’d try it out to see how much time it takes to get something recorded and published. Surprisingly, the whole process after recording only…

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33 year old youth worker goes back to high school

Every youth pastor out there needs to keep up with this:
Scott Greene, a youth pastor in Indiana, is going back to high school as a…

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What high school guys look for in girls

Tonight was one of those nights when ya drop everything you had planned for the small group meeting because the students bring other issues to discuss instead…

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