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Seven things to do before I die:
1) Get married
2) Provide a godly home for my children
3) Go skydiving
4) Serve as youth pastor at one church…

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Switched to Linux

I finally made the switch. Three of my four computers are now completely dedicated to the Ubuntu distribution of Linux. My church office computer, my laptop…

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Contrast between jobs

Yesterday was great! Most of the Sr. High guys had the day off, so we hung out at my apartment and had a Halo 2 LAN party. It’s been a while since…

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Ministry opportunities in video games

For years now I’ve been integrating two things I love: ministry and video games. As movie sales decrease and video game sales increase, this looks more…

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Ukraine missions support letter

Dear Friends,
Here in America I have been blessed to receive training for ministry from some of the top leaders in the world. It started at home when I was…

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Hyper-active boys in ministry

Here’s a little dream of mine: What would it look like if we could somehow capture all the energy and enthusiasm from a small group of hyper-active junior…

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Hip-hop freestyle game

I got this idea from and used it in youth group last Wednesday.
Split youth up in teams and have them write a song or rap to the instrumental…

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Windows OneCare: Security for (more) money

So let me get this straight: Microsoft is rolling out a subscription plan called OneCare for Windows XP protection and PC health tools for $50 per year. Does…

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Novell Linux Desktop 10 preview

I’ve posted before about my reservations concerning Windows and how I’m looking forward to switching to Linux when I can. I’d make the switch…

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Define “hooking up”

Dana and I had this conversation in the car several days ago and, after reading this blog entry, I must confess that she is right and I am wrong. (I think she…

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