Rethinking my dream for ministry

This year’s experience at NYWC for me is much different from any other year. Several factors contributed to this: we were all very tired from the long…

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Observations about NYWC speakers and participants

Today went much better than yesterday. Even though we only had a couple hours of sleep, that seemed to make a huge difference and allowed us to enjoy the…

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First day of lessons from NYWC

As I mentioned earlier, I’m currently running off 3 hours of sleep for the past 40 hours, so I feel I should make that disclaimer before I continue with…

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Made it to NYWC in Nashville

Wow, what a rough trip. It was pretty uneventful as far as unforeseen problems are concerned, but making the 10-hour drive all night long was definitely not…

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My promise for the YS Convention

Tomorrow night at 10:00 PM the youth staff and myself leave the church parking lot to make the 10 hour drive to Nashville. With all the craziness ahead of us at…

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Perks of being a youth pastor

Tuffy posted a list of perks for serving in youth ministry. Not all of them apply to me personally, but they made me smile anyway, so I thought I’d share…

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My proposed schedule for NWYC

I was looking through the schedule for the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention in Nashville this weekend trying to get a head start on what…

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What blogging has taught me

The blogging community has taught me three things:
1. We all have something to say
2. We have a need to be heard
3. We want to know that our thoughts are…

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Dilbert on Intelligent Design

Scott Adams, the author of the popular comic strip, has been doing some reasearch on Darwinism and Intelligent Design hoping to find some material for his…

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The good side and shadow side of ministry

Refer here for the background concerning these questions.
Today’s question: What was one of the first experiences you had (or heard about) in ministry…

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