Releasing vision to empower disciples

Using vision to empower disciplesI recently saw Mark Riddle, a respected church and youth ministry consultant, post a series of tweets that got me thinking. Much of this feels true to me. Does it to you?

Mark paints with a broad brush intentionally. Wide enough that it includes everyone, vague enough that you can reflect if it’s true for you or not.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Mark’s observations in the comments below.

(1) All the vision in the world falls short without a culture of engagement in a community.

(2) Vision is often put in danger by true engagement & mobilizing a community.

(3) People who take responsibility for their community will naturally want to shape the vision, as well.

(4) Which is why so many mature disciples who own their faith leave the organized church.

(5) For many to step away from the traditional church is a step toward ownership, discipleship & Jesus.

(6) This of course isn’t an answer. ppl need community, but the org church is a barrier to discipleship in this way.

(7) When the org church is the perfect place for visionary disciples if it can learn to get out of their way.

(8) this will require community leaders who see themselves as learners/disciples along with the church.

(9) Leadership then arrives from what was previously considered unlikely sources and the kingdom of God benefits.

Does the organized church indeed get in the way of mature disciples who need ownership of their faith and faith community? Should church leaders view themselves primarily as learners/disciples along with the rest of the community? How risky is it for the faith community for the leaders to take a more hands-off approach with its vision?

You can follow Mark on Twitter: @RiddleGroup.

Posted on October 2, 2012

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