Personal Reflection

Goodbye letter to Pastor Rol

Dear Pastor Rol,
Dana and I will always remember you and the influence you’ve had on our lives, both individually and together as a couple. Thank you for not…

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Knowing God: Relationship, not Ritual

Everyone is unique and forms relationships a little differently. We all relate to different people in different ways, too. I relate to my wife differently than…

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Truth versus Tune

Does anyone else find themselves singing popular worship songs (both hymns and modern) and thinking, “What in the world does this mean?” I like to…

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Two anniversaries today

Tonight Dana and I splurged by going out to On The Border and splitting a meal. The occasion? Today is our one month wedding anniversary and our three year…

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Ukraine Missions Trip Video

I’ve been wanting to get this video posted for a couple days now, but unfortunately it’s too long for YouTube. So, I’m trying out Google Video…

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Honeymoon video

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Learning from my(sql) problems

Two days ago I updated my youth group’s online forum to the latest version and man, I had more errors than a screendoor has holes, but resolving them sure…

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Benefits of unemployment

Dana’s search for an elementary teaching position has turned up void and I’m only working part-time at the church, which obviously makes for a…

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Convicted by Peretti’s “House”

On the way home from our honeymoon a couple weeks ago Dana and I started listening to the audio book of Frank Peretti’s novel, “House.” The…

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Creativity in ministry

Mark Batterson has a great post addressing creativity in ministry leadership and “keeping what is sacred from becomming routine.” Please read and…

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