Personal Reflection

Time invested in ministry is primarily for God

Tonight I was skimming through some material in Doug Field’s book, Purpose Driven Youth Ministry, in preparation for my youth leadership training in the…

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Hard to focus lately

Whew, what a week! My denomination’s church camp for the midsouth went surprisingly well, especially considering this was my first year to direct the…

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Interesting puzzle

An adult volunteer from youth group sent me this link:
She asked if I knew how it worked, which at first I didn’t…

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Where REAL ministry takes place

Once again I’m reminded that life-changing ministry isn’t necessarily sitting in a church office planning events and games. It’s not always…

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Tired of Da Vinci Code hype

Is this whole Da Vinci Code thing starting to wear out anyone else besides me? Personally, I’m getting pretty tired of the whole ordeal. The movie…

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Parents meet, graduations and baptismal

It’s been a pretty crazy weekend so far. It began on Thursday evening when my parents and Dana’s parents meeting for the first time. I was…

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Avoiding burnout in ministry

Back in Bible College I had a professor whom I greatly admired and respected for his knowledge of scripture and its implementation in real life ministry. What I…

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Status of wedding plans

Dana and I have had 10 days to plan our wedding so far. Here’s where we’re at:
— The date is finalized for July 22, 2006.
— The church…

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Engagement video

Here’s the “reenactment” of my wedding proposal to Dana along with the “director’s commentary.” ;)

It looks like our…

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I’m engaged!

Yup, she said “Yes” last Saturday when I popped the big question. For those who are only interested in the photos, here they are. I’ll have a…

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