Why YouTube has replaced TV for me (and many teens)

YouTube has replaced television for me and many teens. I love the interactive community on YouTube that TV is missing.

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Guidelines for youth pastors texting students

What guidelines should a youth pastor follow for texting students in their youth group, especially teenagers of the opposite sex?

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Blogs I read that you might not know about

There’s a couple lesser-known, and even undiscovered, blogs I subscribe to that I really enjoy and read almost everything they write.

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63 youth ministry topics YOU should cover

Take these ideas and run with them. Keep coming back as often as you want to see what topics people are covering and learn from each other.

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A whole new look and feel to

The site has undergone a huge makeover! Check out the new design, look and feel of the site!

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4 tips for communicating youth group news

Communicating youth group news and announcements can be tricky. These four tips can help you become more effective.

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How to turn your summer photos into a slick movie

Here’s how to turn all your photos into a dynamic video slideshow with Upload your pictures, add some music, and watch your video!

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2 things we often forget about teaching

Too often youth workers under-estimate the influence of passion and the role of the Holy Spirit when teaching God’s Word.

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10 reasons why you should do lesson prep early

Although we may often put lesson prep off to the last minute, it’s rarely without consequences. Here are 10 reasons why it’s best to prepare early.

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5 reminders for communicating news with teens and parents

Last year I shared with you some of the ways my youth ministry communicates with teens and parents throughout the week, and last week I posted the entire video…

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