Youth Ministry
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Why the “teaching method” of discipleship is boring to teens

Maybe discipleship is more effective when it’s not just teaching and communicating information in a sterile church environment.

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God, Please Make Taco Bell Healthy [Time Out]

Have you ever really stopped to think about some of the things that we pray about? Doing that has really caused me to personally question my prayer life, and take to heart some of Jesus’ words about prayer.

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What works best in training your volunteers? [podcast]

I basically shared my story and asked that you would listen and leave your feedback in the comments below about how we can improve.

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5 misconceptions about large youth groups

When I worked in a small church setting I held several perceptions about large church youth groups that I now see were not true.

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Freebie Friday 183: “Minute To Win It” activity guide

This free activity guide download from NBC includes details and instructions about how to play Minute To Win It games at youth group, camp, and retreats.

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5 advantages of a large youth group

If you’re a large youth group, you have several advantages over a small youth group that you can embrace. Learn to capitalize on these give areas.

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5 advantages of a small youth group

If you’re a small youth group, rather than trying to act like a large group, embrace the advantages you have by being small and capitalize on them.

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My top 5 most common youth ministry mistakes

I make a lot of mistakes in youth ministry over and over again. Here are the top 5 most common I make.

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Spiritual deception in America is exposed by Haiti

Some sins we perceive in America to be struggles or personal problems may actually be something more. This story explains it by looking at Haiti.

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