Youth Ministry

Are you “doing” or “being?” [Time Out]

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we need to do that we forget who God wants us to be…

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A theology of youth rooms and buildings

My ecclesiology compelled me to turn down someone’s vision to build a youth building for our church. Here’s why.

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The passion, process and principles of youth discipleship [podcast]

A discussion about youth discipleship, specifically evaluating the process of discipleship in your ministry.

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Why my youth group is going back to Haiti this fall and spring

Short-term missions trips is one of the most powerful ways to do discipleship. Because of that, I’m taking my youth group back to Haiti twice this year.

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Group Project: Share your youth ministry tips and advice on video

This is group project of LISM readers to contribute a video of their youth ministry tips and advice with the greater online community.

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Discipling teens through summer missions trips [podcast]

On this episode we about using summer missions trip as a discipleship opportunity. We saw a lot of intense discipleship taking place in Haiti and share how to carry that to your youth ministry.

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Need your input on a web resource for youth workers

Tomorrow I will be joining other youth workers and content providers in a discussion about how we can best serve youth workers online. We need your input!

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How do you get youth leaders to show up at leader meetings?

Youth leader meetings are important, but how can we get our leaders to attend the meetings?

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Team building in youth ministry [podcast]

Building unity among your team of youth leaders is critically important. This discussion looks at team building in youth ministry.

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How to push a spiritually apathetic teen to be spiritually passionate

How do we push spiritually apathetic teens to be spiritually passionate? Obedience to God’s Word is key.

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