D6 conference

Tim’s Live Blog from the D6 Conference

From September 21-23 I’ll be live blogging the sessions and labs from the D6 Conference in Dallas, Texas. Here you can watch my thoughts and experiences in real-time. I’ll be sharing my personal notes, posting pictures, video interviews with speakers and participants, and more. It’s going to be fun, educational, and challenging for all of us, so follow along!

Live Video Schedule

The D6 Conference will be streaming the following sessions for free at (All times are approximate.)

Wednesday, September 21
• Brian Haynes (8:45 AM CST)
• Sean McDowell (12:00 PM CST)

Thursday, September 22
• David Platt (9:55 AM CST)—During Session 1
• John McGee (2:35 PM CST)—During Session 3

Friday, September 23
• Student Ministry Panel—Josh Griffin, Allyson Evans, Allen Pointer, Wayne Rice (9:30 AM CST)—During Session 6
• Mark Holmen (11:05 AM CST)—During Session 7

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