Personal Reflection
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Hello? Is anyone still out there?

It’s been almost five months since I last published a post here. What happened? Well, many things, actually.

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6 questions every pastor must ask about their family

As a pastor, it’s difficult to balance family and ministry, but is balance actually the goal? These 6 questions can help you evaluate what’s important.

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Welcome my new little daughter to the world!

Welcome our new little girl into the world, Halle Journey! This is what her name means and the identity we hope it projects on to her as she grows up.

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You’re not actually passionate about youth ministry

As youth workers, we say we’re passionate about youth ministry, but what if ministry is actually just how we express a deeper passion for something else?

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I’m going back into church ministry!

After years of serving in ministry on a personal level and serving the church on a national level, I’m taking a more formalized role at Red Door Church!

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It’s okay to quit your youth ministry job

We sometimes feel that pursuing anything other than youth ministry is less noble, but what if the Lord can use you in greater ways elsewhere?

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Please pray for Schmoyer baby #3 on the way!

Our third child is on the way and, because of our recent miscarriage, we’d really appreciate everyone covering this baby in prayer.

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