FREE online family ministry training for the next 4 days

D6 Days is happening for the next 4 days! Watch and listen to family ministry training sessions from the D6 Conference, all for free!

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How to capture the hearts of spiritually apathetic teens

Instead of treating the symptom of spiritually apathetic teens with youth group, treat the root of the problem, which is often spiritually apathetic fathers.

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What church budgets reveal we believe about the family

Instead of setting up youth leaders for success, what if we used our resources to setup parents for success?

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The 7 guiding principles of family-based student discipleship

At Red Door Church we have 7 guiding principles for student discipleship. They each revolve around spiritual formation that’s led by parents in the home.

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How to disciple families for a multi-generational impact

Family discipleship is hard enough, but discipling them for a multi-generational impact? That sounds like a big vision, but here’s how to do it.

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What is the goal of biblical teaching?

Biblical teaching often has a goal, but we don’t always know what that goal is. Is it designed to increase our knowledge or to increase our belief?

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Releasing vision to empower disciples

Do mature disciples leave the church because it gives them no room to take ownership of the vision? Should leaders release vision to the community?

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Lesson plan about giving it all up to follow Jesus [Freebie Friday]

Download this lesson plan for youth groups that talks about giving up everything we have to follow Jesus.

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