5 things every youth leader needs from the youth pastor

Every youth leader needs certain things from the youth pastor in order to succeed and do well in their youth ministry to teenagers.

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Free discipleship volunteer training guide [Freebie Friday]

Download this free training guide with your new volunteer adult youth leaders!

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6 things I’ve learned as a volunteer youth worker

I’m learning a lot about youth ministry going from a paid youth pastor to a volunteer youth leader. It’s been a lot of fun!

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Using long car rides to connect

Two ideas for using long car rides to connect with teenagers, even if they’re in the back of the bus listening to their ipods.

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Taking the pain out of establishing new youth leaders

It’s a very time-consuming process to establish youth leaders with background checks, interviews, references, and more.

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Can a graduated student leader still serve?

Is it okay for a student leader to graduate from high school and return to youth group to serve as an adult youth leader?

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Seven tips for recruiting volunteers

Youth pastors always need more help. Discuss these 7 tips and advice about how to recruit adult youth leaders.

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What works best in training your volunteers? [podcast]

I basically shared my story and asked that you would listen and leave your feedback in the comments below about how we can improve.

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How do you get youth leaders to show up at leader meetings?

Youth leader meetings are important, but how can we get our leaders to attend the meetings?

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Team building in youth ministry [podcast]

Building unity among your team of youth leaders is critically important. This discussion looks at team building in youth ministry.

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