What church budgets reveal we believe about the family

Instead of setting up youth leaders for success, what if we used our resources to setup parents for success?

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How to disciple families for a multi-generational impact

Family discipleship is hard enough, but discipling them for a multi-generational impact? That sounds like a big vision, but here’s how to do it.

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6 questions every pastor must ask about their family

As a pastor, it’s difficult to balance family and ministry, but is balance actually the goal? These 6 questions can help you evaluate what’s important.

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What do you deeply believe about family?

What we deeply believe about family and the church will influence how we do youth ministry. Here’s one example.

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An idea for making parents the spiritual leaders of the home

Here’s a great, practical idea for how a youth ministry can make parents the primary spiritual leader for their home for their teenagers and children.

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Why (and how) to supplement your ministry salary

Diversifying your salary with other income can be a lifesaver and help provide more freedom in your ministry. Here’s how to get started.

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What is the goal of biblical teaching?

Biblical teaching often has a goal, but we don’t always know what that goal is. Is it designed to increase our knowledge or to increase our belief?

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It’s okay to quit your youth ministry job

We sometimes feel that pursuing anything other than youth ministry is less noble, but what if the Lord can use you in greater ways elsewhere?

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Pioneering a “better way” for youth ministry

As great as youth ministry is, it has it’s problems. Could there be a better way to serve teenagers, families, and the church?

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