Time Out

Is Jesus too familiar to us and our students? [Time Out]

Our goal is to have a relationship with Jesus and get to know him well. What happens when we know him too well?

read Read Time: 4 Minutes

Putting the blame on others… or ourselves [Time Out]

Many times when something goes wrong, we think about where the blame needs to go. Maybe that needs to start with us.

read Read Time: 2 Minutes

Stop reading this, get up, and leave [Time Out]

Remove all the distractions from around you and find a place to spend 10 minutes in prayer.

read Read Time: 1 Minute

Praying the impossible for Stevie Wonder [Time Out]

A little boy can pray for Stevie Wonder’s eyes to be healed because he believes God can do it. Do we believe God answers our prayers?

read Read Time: 2 Minutes

The Golden Rule is not just about being nice to people [Time Out]

The Golden Rule is in many religions, but Jesus took it a step further than most.

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How strength and laziness effect your ministry [Time Out]

Youth workers are usually very committed, but we get a little sloppy without even realizing it. That’s dangerous.

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Quit reading the Bible. You’re smart enough. [Time Out]

Christians know the Bible very well and read it all the time. We almost emphasize scriptural knowledge over living it out in every day life.

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What did you do wrong? [Time Out]

We all do things wrong in life and ministry and then point the finger at others, just like Adam and Eve did.

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Applying even Leviticus to your walk with Christ [Time Out]

A lot of Christians try to read through the Bible but get stuck in the book of Leviticus and don’t know how it applies to our life. Does it?

read Read Time: 2 Minutes

Some of us are proud of our crap [Time Out]

We are all proud of something and we wrap our identity and self-worth around it, but Paul says it’s literally like “crap” compared to Jesus.

read Read Time: 4 Minutes