What church budgets reveal we believe about the family

Instead of setting up youth leaders for success, what if we used our resources to setup parents for success?

How to disciple families for a multi-generational impact

Family discipleship is hard enough, but discipling them for a multi-generational impact? That sounds like a big vision, but here's how to do it.

6 questions every pastor must ask about their family

As a pastor, it's difficult to balance family and ministry, but is balance actually the goal? These 6 questions can help you evaluate what's important.

What do you deeply believe about family?

What we deeply believe about family and the church will influence how we do youth ministry. Here's one example.


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FREE online family ministry training for the next 4 days

D6 Days is happening for the next 4 days! Watch and listen to family ministry training sessions from the D6 Conference, all for free!

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The best communication tool I’ve used in youth ministry

Text messaging is one of the best tools for mass communication with your youth group. Txtsignal is the communication tool I’ve used in youth ministry.

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How to capture the hearts of spiritually apathetic teens

Instead of treating the symptom of spiritually apathetic teens with youth group, treat the root of the problem, which is often spiritually apathetic fathers.

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