FREE Parenting eBook for Helping Teens Answer Tough Questions

Children and teenagers ask a lot of tough questions. This free ebook equips parents and youth workers with Biblical answers to those questions.

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What youth group never taught me about sex before marriage

My story of what I heard in church about sex, but chose to go a different path as a teenager, and how it affected me.

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No Backward-masking Required

Look at the lyrics of the top 5 songs on the music charts today. Teenagers are immersed with sexual, profane, and live-for-the-moment teaching.

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The Super Bowl of pop-youth culture

MTV’s Video Music Awards reflect where pop-youth culture is and helps youth workers understand our youth groups a bit more.

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What does extended adolescence mean for youth ministry?

There’s a lot of research surrounding the idea of “extended adolescence,” but what implications does it have for youth ministry?

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Using video to reach teenagers on YouTube

Join us in answering teens’ questions about life on YouTube!

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Your spin and the twist it creates

Cameron Mitchell bowed out of the Glee Project because of his convictions. Your perspective of his decision may suggest your spin on youth ministry.

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“Black Ops” Them to Christ

Some parents don’t let their teenagers play violent video games, but some youth groups do. Are they appropriate for ministry?

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