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Get alone and get real

How do you teach a teenager how to pray when they have no understanding of it?

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16 free theology talksheets [Freebie Friday]

Download these 16 free theological talksheets to lead discussions about doctrine with teens and people of other faiths.

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Spiritual deception in America is exposed by Haiti

Some sins we perceive in America to be struggles or personal problems may actually be something more. This story explains it by looking at Haiti.

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A theology of youth rooms and buildings

My ecclesiology compelled me to turn down someone’s vision to build a youth building for our church. Here’s why.

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The need for theological questioning in youth ministry [podcast]

Last Monday we talked about the need for theological questioning in youth ministry. Our featured guest was Jake Bouma, a youth pastor who even named his cat…

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Questions about Deep and Wide Youth Ministry

Someone recently emailed me with some good questions about my youth group’s vision to go Deep and Wide. Thought I’d share them with you here, along…

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Teaching theology in youth ministry [podcast]

Today in our LIVE YM Talk, Rob Kashow talked with us about teaching theology in youth ministry. We didn’t get into any theological debates, but we did…

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I’m thinking about ending our large-group youth meetings

Last Sunday night at our sr. high large-group meeting I took the teens through Matthew 9 and specifically focused on Jesus’ illustration about old and new…

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Problems with youth ministry today and in the future

[ This post is based on an interview I did last year. ]
These lists could be a lot longer, but here are a couple to get you started. I’d love for you guys…

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