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Our Founder

Tim SchmoyerTim Schmoyer is the founder of Life In Student Ministry and is dedicated to facilitating discussions among Christian youth workers about youth ministry. He is the author of the Youth Specialties/Zondervan book, “Life In Student Ministry: Practical Conversations on Thriving in Youth Ministry,” a national youth leader trainer, speaker, and a super-volunteer at his church.

Featured resources

Here are a couple resources you can check out to get started:

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Other Projects

Besides Life In Student Ministry, we also have a couple other web projects.

  • is a community of ministry workers online who invest into each other by asking questions, answering them, giving advice, support and encouragement.
  • is a “missions trip to Facebook” where youth groups all over the world join together to make an intentional effort for two weeks to share Christ with their unsaved friends using social media.

Contact Us

We love hearing from fellow youth workers! Feel free to contact us at any time with your questions, ideas, resources to contribute, guest posts, struggles, prayer requests, whatever. Our contact information can be found on the contact page.

God bless you for all you do for teenagers! Keep up the great work!

*All opinions on this site are our own and do not necessarily reflect the views of our churches nor ministries we serve.

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