130 Youth Ministry Tips & Ideas [ebook]

130 youth ministry tips and ideas free ebook

Who this ebook is for

This ebook was written for the small-church youth leader who volunteers their time from a huge heart for students but has very little training and even feels a little lost in this whole youth ministry thing. It’s also for the new youth pastor who is just starting out in his or her first youth ministry position and needs some pointers to help get started and tips to avoid common mistakes. However, that said, there are still plenty of ideas here that will benefit even the veteran youth worker.

The inspiration for this ebook

My wife’s grandmother follows much of what I write concerning youth ministry at Life In Student Ministry and is always eager to pass it along to her church’s youth ministry volunteer team. Several times she’s asked me to pull all my content together in a book and sell it. Although I’ll never sell this ebook because I’m a strong supporter of the open source community, I finally heeded her advice and attempted to compile many of the youth ministry tips and ideas from Life In Student Ministry into one place. Youth Specialties also has a list of tips for youth workers that inspired some of these ideas.

This ebook is completely free and will always be distributed free of charge. Please download it and pass it around to your heart’s content.

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