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100 blog topics I want YOU to writeThe Internet is loaded people who have great insight and understanding in the field of youth work and I’d love to somehow capture a lot of that wisdom in one place. So, I wrote up 100 blog post titles that I want YOU to write. Take one or more of these and run with it. Make the best ideas from whatever these spark in you and keep coming back to this page as often as you want to see what topics people are covering. Or just use them as a way to bounce into better posts of your own devise. Make podcasts, blog posts, whatever. Have fun and be creative.

One favor? Would you include a link somewhere back to I’ll try my best to keep up with these topics around the blogosphere as your incoming links show up in Technorati and will then link the appropriate title in this post back to your blog post so others can read your insights.

  1. How to use Facebook for ministry
  2. How to build community among teenagers
  3. Technology I use in youth ministry [also posted here and here]
  4. How to write Bible study lessons for youth group
  5. Conversation starters to ask a student you just met [also posted here]
  6. How to get parents involved in their kids’ lives
  7. How to handle confrontation
  8. How to teach students with learning disabilities
  9. How to market your events
  10. How to effectively use visual aids in teaching
  11. How to make time for personal prayer and devotions
  12. How to empower your youth leaders
  13. How to follow-up with new believers
  14. Using podcasts in youth ministry
  15. How to engage students in worship
  16. How to deal with a suicide in your ministry
  17. Everything a youth worker should know about eating disorders
  18. Addressing porn and masturbation at youth group
  19. How to help parents prepare their students for college
  20. Recommended books for every youth worker’s library
  21. How teenage girls best relate to each other
  22. How teenage guys best relate to each other
  23. Teaching students to evaluate their media consumption
  24. How to equip your students to achieve their dreams
  25. Sermon presentations versus small group discussion Bible studies
  26. Necessary elements for any youth meeting
  27. Balancing youth group events with athletics, homework and jobs
  28. How to achieve longevity in youth ministry
  29. What students need from their youth leaders
  30. How to take an idea and make it happen
  31. How to plan a youth ministry budget
  32. The real influence of celebrities on students
  33. How to change a teenager’s world forever
  34. Why youth ministers should read their students’ blogs [also posted here]
  35. How to evaluate ministry and implement change
  36. Addressing sin in your own life
  37. How to make youth group visitors feel welcomed
  38. How to use the arts in youth group
  39. The youth event no one has ever seen
  40. What I wish every Sr. Pastor knew about youth ministry [ and What YPs should know about Sr. Pastors ]
  41. Balancing youth ministry with my personal life
  42. The difference between part-time and full-time youth ministry
  43. How to fix your mistakes in ministry
  44. How to develop students to be spiritual leaders
  45. When I feel frustrated in ministry…
  46. Youth group strategies for evangelism
  47. How to come up with creative ideas
  48. How NOT to introduce visitors to the youth group
  49. What every youth worker needs to know about Jr. High students
  50. What every youth worker needs to know about Sr. High students
  51. How to earn the trust and respect of your Sr. Pastor
  52. How to lead a youth group when you’re the only volunteer
  53. How to help a student break an addiction
  54. How to teach through a book of the Bible
  55. What youth group students need from each other
  56. Internet tools I use for youth ministry
  57. How to develop a world missions strategy for your youth group
  58. How to simplify your life and ministry
  59. The future of youth ministry
  60. How NOT to use video in youth ministry
  61. How to handle the most common youth ministry struggles
  62. How to keep God’s Word fresh for teenagers
  63. How to work in a church that doesn’t support it’s youth ministry
  64. What to do with “God sightings” stories in your youth group
  65. Tools for working with hurting teenagers
  66. How to get kids plugged in to God’s Word
  67. Youth ministry topics that need more coverage
  68. How to become a student-led youth group
  69. Expectations to hold for any youth worker volunteer
  70. How to turn conversations toward Christ
  71. How to respond to criticism
  72. Ten youth ministry sites I like and why
  73. How to work with the hyper-active kid
  74. How to address self-esteem at youth group
  75. How to get your kids sharing and contributing to small groups
  76. A story of how Christ changed my youth group
  77. When to let go of a student and trust God take care of the rest
  78. How to recharge your emotional batteries
  79. How youth ministry made me go crazy!
  80. How to make the most of a youth group retreat
  81. How to shake a student from their apathy for God’s Word
  82. Things to consider before purchasing a curriculum
  83. American youth ministry and how I would change it
  84. How to give yourself away
  85. How NOT to give advice to a student
  86. The top 10 excuses every youth leader makes
  87. The top 10 excuses every youth group student makes
  88. How to settle a disagreement with your Sr. Pastor
  89. Common mistakes to avoid in youth ministry
  90. Guidelines to follow for selecting new youth leaders
  91. How to facilitate communication between students and parents
  92. How to partner with parents in youth ministry
  93. Reaching rural kids versus reaching urban kids
  94. How to support a student through difficult times
  95. The #1 best thing you can do for the kids in your youth group
  96. How to promote an attitude of prayer in daily life
  97. How the Internet is changing students’ perspective of community
  98. Why I’m in youth ministry today
  99. A passage of scripture every student should know
  100. How to get students involved in the rest of the church body

I saw this idea at Chris Brogan’s site via openswitch.

Posted on September 25, 2007

93 responses to “100 blog topics I hope YOU write”

  1. links from Technorati100 blog topics I hope YOU write » Life in Student Ministry

  2. links from Technorati100 blog topics I hope YOU write » Life in Student Ministry

  3. links from Technoratiweek. I am still humbled to think that we have a worldwide audience for Impact. If you have not yet tuned into our podcast now is a great time to subscribe. You can tune in at home or take us with you on your iPod. (the idea for this post came fromTim Schmoyerover at “Life in Student Ministry”)

  4. links from Technoratihas posted a brilliant set of topics related to youth ministry he wishes that other bloggers would write on. I am certainly going to be using a lot of them over the next few months as topics for the blog here. Go check out hispostand try writing some of them yourself.

  5. links from TechnoratiHat Tip to Tim for suggesting thistopic(see item #45 on the list).

  6. links from Technoratilist and you plan to blog about it (and/or would like to share ideas), please leave a comment or drop me an email. 100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write – Found via 100 Answers in (around) 100 Words commenting on the excellent adaption of this idea in100 Blog Topics I hope you write (Youth Ministry). There’s a fair bit of blog-burnout going around these days (see Brodie and Kester) and I can’t help but wonder if we could all facilitate a change by sharing potential blog topics and blog ideas around. Maybe someone could even come up with a

  7. links from Technorati100 blog topics I hope YOU write » Life in Student Ministry

  8. links from Technorati100 blog topics I hope YOU write. It is an interesting list and several people have started taking him up on it. I am procrastinating right now so I thought I would give my take on this one. The question I always like to ask is “What is your art?

  9. links from Technorati[IMG 100 blog topics I want YOU to write]

  10. links from Technorati[IMG 100 blog topics I want YOU to write]

  11. links from Technoratiam happy to email you either the transcript, the workbook or the audio file [hey all of them if you ask nicely] – limited time = end of November 2007. Please comment here with a valid email address. This post was inspired by Life in Student Ministry -100 blog topics I hope YOU will write.Posted in Personal Development, Relational Youth Ministry, Youth Ministry by: nigel 2 Comments

  12. links from Technoratia few others, not many. Oh, I do have a thing for country music CDs, maybe I get two a year? Three? Small cake decorations and some gourmet food, small amounts. Some imported American food, not much. If these are topics that don’t suit, here is100 blog post suggestionsrelated to Youth Ministry. Rations of Fresh Produce Following World War II, c.1946

  13. links from Technorati(this is in response to Tim Schmoyer’s 100 Things I hope you write) If you have spent anytime in youth ministry, you have probably been yelled at by someone. It could be your senior pastor for not turning the lights off after an event, or a parent for not being home on time, from the janitor for leaving a

  14. Lisa Collins says:

    You know Tim, the people that I work with have been talking a lot about #
    How to use Facebook for ministry. Our ministry Campus Crusade for Christ has over 2,000 staff using facebook, so I will run the idea by them about doing a blog. Thanks for the idea.

  15. Tim says:

    Sounds great, Lisa! I look forward to hearing the insights you guys come up with.

  16. Chris says:

    Tim I didn’t see anything about using Halo 3 in ministry. I’m wondering why not? I’m ready to roll with my OWN COPY…since you don’t have one I won’t tell you about it though.


  17. Tim says:

    Chris, you’re not funny. :P

  18. dude, thanks for getting the juices flowing here with this list. Looking forward to adding to the communal learning with insights of my own. I’ll post back to you when they begin…

  19. […] Posted on September 25, 2007 by Matt Over at Life in Student Ministry, Tim Schmoyer has a post on “100 blog topics I hope YOU to write.” Well, I’m […]

  20. Gman says:

    Almost makes me want to write a 100 blog topics I hope you don’t write ….

    1. You appeared on How to catch a predator Dateline via Myspace.
    2. You embezzled money.
    3. You did something immoral. (Though there goes the rest of the list)
    4. You got fired due to your own stupidity.

  21. Ben says:

    Cool list man. I dig it.

  22. Jason says:

    Wow that is a really good list and definitely a motivator to keep up with my blog. Thanks for the thoughts. I think that you need to add one: “Full time ministry on a Part Time schedule”-youth ministry for bivocational youth workers.

  23. Tim says:

    @ Jason: I actually did think of that when I made this list and then took it off. Not really sure why. Maybe I was thinking it went with #41. *shrugs*

  24. […] ministry   Over at Tim Schmoyer’s Life in Student Ministry blog, you can find a list of 100 topics he would like people to write about. Clearly, this is not a project for a one-time deal so I’ll start categorizing these posts as […]

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  26. Kramer auto Pingback[…] glamorous. But it can be life-changing — for you and your youth!Hat Tip to Tim for suggesting this topic (see item #45 on the list).–Brian Read […]

  27. (Again, inspiration from Tim over at Life in Student Ministry for the idea on this post.)

  28. […] 100 blog topics I hope you write (A lot of people have taken this challenge and posted great articles on youth ministry. Check it out to see what people are saying.) […]

  29. “First off, and this should go without saying, Trust and Support your Sr. Pastor. If you can’t do this how in the world do you think your Sr. Pastor can reciprocate? If you can’t trust and support your Sr. Pastor it is probably time to have a conversation with him and then pack your bags.”

  30. sista cala says:

    #18…. Dr. Dobson put out a video series on various youth issues. It has been some years ago, but the info is still good. I think the name of the series was “Life on the Edge”. The one related to porn was titled, “Addictive, progressive, and deadly” I think. Anyway, my husband an I were the youth pastors at the time. We used the video w/the youth over 13. For the 3 we had that were only 13, I talked to their parents before including them. The issue is so sensitive- with some folks. Anyway, we told the “kids” that since they wanted to be treated as adults we would like for them to act like adults as they interacted w/us and the video teaching. They could ask anything, but had to accept our answers w/o adding any street talk to them.

    Basically, we watched the video. Stopped it whenever we wanted to emphasize something or when they had a question. Overall it went well. We had several to follow up w/us after the service.

  31. “I fully believe that longevity in one church can bring great fruitfulness for many years to come. Stick out the tough times and you will see growth.”

  32. […] post was inspired by Tim Schmoyer in his Life in Student Ministry post where he listed ‘100 blog topics I hope you write‘ and the ideas came from Wayne Rice’s book Up Close and Personal (which being copyright […]

  33. Ok… this is going to be a long comment so… here goes. Im a 23 year old student working towards a communication degree. I love to encourage ppl. A while ago God gave me a great idea. To start a blog site. The purpose behind my blog is, to have everything and anything on the page that would up lift, those who read it. Examples: a list of good books, Movie reviews, web sites, events, guest writers, stories, topic debates, quotes, prayer requests.. even having the financial needs of readers met. I guess i want it to be a web site where ppl in high school or college who are having a bad day can go, and find something that puts a smile on their face. The problem with my “idea”….. having no clue where to start. Like i said im a communication major… computers dont fall into my circle of knowledge. Two close friends are helping with the site. I have some pages set up, but it looks unprofessional. So there they sit blank. How did you begin this sit? Any ideas? Btw…. anyone can answer my question. If there is time feel free to look at the sit:, and email me with suggestions @ ~Thanks

  34. Tim says:

    Hey Ashely! I’ll email you about this.

  35. ummm i could have Simplified my last comment by asking you to add, “a how to start a website”… in your 100 blog topics

  36. “…We have made plenty of mistakes when it comes to greeting and welcoming them…”

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  39. […] This post was inspired by Tim Schmoyer – his post on 100 blog topics I hope YOU write. […]

  40. Jordan Muck says:

    How to fix your mistakes in ministry.

    hope this helps.


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  46. Anonymous says:

    Why I’m in Youth Ministry Today…

    Growing up my mom always said I would do something with my life to help people.  When she use to say that, she was thinking more on the lines of a fireman or policeman.  She may have miss what profession I was going to go into but she didn’t mi…

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  48. enyioma says:

    please with all my heart i thank you for such wonderful ideas you have created for those of us who are looking for what to write in our blogs.

  49. […] 100 blog topics I hope YOU write I wrote this last year and so far many people have taken advantage of it. Check out the list for a lot of great links. There’s still plenty of openings available for your blog articles, too. […]

  50. Chuck Mullis says:

    Here is my blog topic on # 89. Common mistakes in youth ministry. Looking back on how things used to be done is really embarassing but somewhat amusing at how naive I have been. God really is great to work through and past all of my mistakes. Thanks Tim for your site and all the helpful information!

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  52. […] 100 blog topics I hope YOU write Since there’s always new subscribers joining the site, I’d like to point this out again. Blog about some of the youth ministry topics I listed here, include a link back to it, and I’ll update the post to link to your post for all to read. […]

  53. […] a blog post on one of the unclaimed “100 blog topics I hope YOU write” and link back to the list. Each post enters your name into the drawing 5 […]

  54. Tim, sounds like you got your inspiration for your idea for this list from Chris. It’s working. I just typed in “blog topics” on google and you appear right after him. Great list…gets the idea juices flowing.

  55. […] by this blog by Tim Schmoyer, here is a list of some of the web-based tools I use in my youth ministry work and a little bit […]

  56. […] did find a link called “100 blog topics I hope YOU write” [link] and it gave me a lot of ideas and even some great reading material.  One day I hope this blog is […]

  57. […] Tim Schmoyer.  One of the cool things on his site is a section called 100 topics I hope you write. He challenges other youth pastors to blog on things he wants to see posted.  I have now added a couple to this list including #31 “How to plan a youth ministry budget” […]

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  59. […] in Student Ministry got me thinking recently.  One of his (and my) favorite posts is his article 100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write About.  And in that list of ideas for youth ministry bloggers is this nugget at #25: “Sermon […]

  60. […] involvement in youth ministry I am writing this as a response to Tim Schmoyer’s “100 blog topics I hope you write” on how to partner with parents in youth ministry. Partnering with parents in youth ministry is not […]

  61. Great stuff, Tim. I find myself frequenting this list a lot when I’m worn out. It’s a great source of encouragement. Thanks for managing all this stuff. Hey, I thought about #86 and it was amazing how quickly those excuses just popped in my head, so I ran with it. I made a post for it, but haven’t been able to send you a link through your “contact me” page. Respond back and I’ll send you a link to it. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

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  63. monokeeloX says:

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  64. PeargoMer says:

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  65. […] 2 06 2009 I got the idea for this blog topic from my friend Tim Schmoyer.  He offered up 100 blog post ideas for others to write about so I grabbed this one of the […]

  66. […] to Tim Schmoyer at Life in Student Ministry for suggesting this topic] 0 […]

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  72. […] 100 blog topics I hope YOU write | Life in Student Ministry […]

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  75. […] This post is in response to a post on called “100 Blog topics I hope YOU write“: […]

  76. […] post is in response to Life in Student Ministry’s 100 Blog Topics I hope You Write […]

  77. […] in Student Ministry – 100 blog topics I hope YOU write (and some of them will surprise and even shock you) – I included this because some of these […]

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  79. There is obviously a lot to know about this. There are some good points here.

    I’m Out! :)

  80. Kojima says:

    I’m learning more everyday reading your blog. Thanks for all the hard work. I’m looking forward to more reading here!

  81. […] on February 15, 2010 by Jason My good friend in Youth Ministry, Tim Schmoyer, has a list of 1oo blog topics he hopes others will write about.  This entry is the second time I have taken one of those ideas […]

  82. […] two years ago I published a list of “100 blog topics I hope YOU write” addressing various aspects of youth ministry. Many people responded, used the list as a […]

  83. […] This post is in response to a post on called “100 Blog topics I hope YOU write“: […]

  84. Chris Price says:

    Tim – @GradyMc posted this – to complete one of your missing one hundred.

  85. […] This Post is #72 on Tim Schmoyer’s List of 100 Blog Posts I hope you Write […]

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