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  • Lane Gilbert

    FYI- i was using txtmarks and it was working great until….. they use ads at the end of the texts you send, usually not a problem since they were mostly for the shirts and other things they offer, but the other day it was an ad for a psychic hotline…..i have quit using them and switched to txtsignal.

  • http://www.studentministry.org Tim Schmoyer

    @ Lane Gilbert! Thanks for that tip. I had no idea. I’m going to update the post about that.

  • http://www.faithengineer.com Mike

    Tim, thanks for the great post. I have tried out txt signal and poll everywhere, but I hadn’t heard of wiffiti yet. It will fit in great for some interactive services I want to try.

    Another txt service that I use is Jott. Jott transcribes your voice messages and converts them to text that is sent out as text messages and emails to your entire group. If you don’t trust the voice recognition, you can type out your messages. I use it all the time to send out quick updates to the youth group. The only drawback is sometimes the messages get split up into multiple txts. It does add some extra text to the bottom of the message so you can listen to the original recording.

    And the best thing is that it is completely free.

  • http://coffeewithchris.com Chris S.

    Mike is right! Jott is GREAT as a text messaging tool (not so much for really large groups) but also as a personal productivity tool.

    Don’t forget about Simply Youth Ministry’s new text service! It is actually supported by TxtSignal so if you are considering paying for that service why not support fellow youth workers?

  • rodney

    You could also try using tuggle.it. It is a youth social networking site that also allows you to group text (FOR FREE!!!)

  • Michael

    Just curious why Jott is not as great for really large groups. Is it because you have to manually enter all the info??

  • http://www.studentministry.org Tim Schmoyer

    @ Michael: I’ve never used Jott, but if you have to manually enter in info and don’t give people an easy way to remove themselves from the list, I agree that would make it difficult for large groups.

  • http://www.jesusandjava.org Dan Browne

    I love free. How would you handle/justify txtsignal on a budget of oh $500 a year?

  • http://www.studentministry.org Tim Schmoyer

    @ Dan Browne: It depends on what the size of your ministry is. If you’re only talking about a couple kids, sending messages to their phones via their phone’s email address is free. That gets to be a big hassle and pretty unmanageable for larger groups, though.

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  • http://twitter.com/lightmanx5 ~JOSh-X

    TextMarks sent me an email today saying that they’re offering a “Pro” version to get rid of the ads!

    If you’re interested in that, check it out :)

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  • http://www.myspace.com/pastorjsohbrown Josh Brown

    Hey guy,

    I have checked out all these programs before. Lat year I got a Blackberry Curve. Blackberry allows you to set up groups in your address book. I set upa group for our ministry. I have over 100 students. I can add and delete memebers quickly. I send out text messgaes every single night. Devotionals and announcements, prayer request, etc,. It has been amazing. Send it once and it goes to everyone. I send over 11,000 text a month, but when about 4,000 of those come all at one time it is not bad. If we go to an event I can send a mass text out of where we are going to meet or what not and every kid gets it. My unlimited package is $25 a month but is priceless in comparison to the connecting I can do with my kids. Our visitor card has a place for studnets to check if they want to be added or not. I have check and there is not limit to the number you can add to a group. I have just talked to our National Youth Pastor about doing this for our entire denomination. Let me know if you would like to know more.

  • http://MURGE411.com Tyree

    Anyone know of a more affordable one if you have over 300 contacts?

  • Infectious_4_JC

    I have had really good success with Broadtexter.com it is free the only thing that is not super convenient is the fact I cannot set up groups. It does separate by state but that is the limitation of it's groupings. You simply add "ALL:" to the beginning of each "broadtext" and it goes to everyone. I don't know but this has worked for my particular group. I have set up 3 different Broadtext's my largest right now is near the 100 mark. This may work for some of the smaller groups. They have a free code generator to give you a widget for your facebook/myspace site or for your group's website.

    Just a suggestion….

    You all may have discussed them on here before and I just missed it! Just thought I would pass it on.

  • Jarrod Billings

    Does anyone know if there is a way to set up a group on an iPhone?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/timschmoyer Tim Schmoyer

      I think the web version is supposed to work fine on a mobile browser. Or, you can use your account's secret "broadcast message" address and text a message to it that you want forwarded to a team or group on your txtsignal account.

  • stephentrainer

    We have used Simply Txt and Duffled.com detailed review at http://wp.me/p1iF9w-1C

  • Catherine
  • Ben

    http://www.telefio.com/how_it_works is what we use and it's very affordable and perfect for our large youth group.

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