Focused Youth Ministry [ebook]

What this book is about

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What is a “Focused Youth Ministry?”

Focused Youth MinistryMany churches and youth ministries have a written vision statement, which is great because having a clear vision is essential to moving the ministry forward in the direction that God desires.

The problem is, for many churches, that vision is mostly a slogan on a letterhead that was adapted from another church’s vision. It’s not always a vision that is specific to the context of ministry at that specific church with its unique people, history, resources, community, talents, connections, and more. And in more cases than not, it honestly has little bearing on what the ministry actually does.

Without a clear focus on God’s vision for our specific ministry, we end up floating from one event to the next and one lesson series to the next without any real intentionality that ties them all together to move students toward a specific place by the time they graduate high school. Ministry becomes a bit haphazard while spiritual influence becomes something we hope for instead of something we plan for.

How does a ministry discover what God’s unique vision is for them in their specific ministry context? And once that vision is realized, how can it be implemented to impact the ministry being done to students and their families? And how can we know what parts of the ministry are actually moving the vision forward and what aspects aren’t?

This 19 page ebook give a step-by-step, “how to” guide for doing just that. It will give you the foundation you need to get started in discovering what God’s vision is for your unique ministry, how to implement it, and make it sustainable long-term. It will help you focus the ministry on a journey that revolves around God’s plan for your ministry.

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Rick Lawrence“Tim Schmoyer’s little ebook 30 Steps to a Focused Youth Ministry is a rare treasure, because it over-delivers on its promise. Tim nails one of the embedded problems facing ministry people who are searching for vision and direction—we all too often “try to cook someone else’s recipe using completely different ingredients.” This step-by-step plan for finding, implementing, and evaluating your own God-given ministry vision will not only change your ministry’s trajectory, it has the horsepower to change your life.”
Rick Lawrence, Executive Editor, GROUP Magazine

Tony Myles“I appreciate Tim Schmoyer not just for his friendship, but for the great thinking he offers the church. The materials contained in this resource don’t just provide you with answers – they help you ask better questions. He’s offering this gift to you to better equip your ministry and your own walk with God for the road ahead. I suggest you take him up on it.”
Tony Myles, Lead Pastor, Connection Church

Lars Rood“I’m a fan of thinking systematically about youth ministry structures and models. Too many of us have just picked what works at one church and hoped/expected that it would work at ours. I like that Tim has written a short and simple resource that helps us on every step of the journey of developing a mission and model that will work for our culture and church. If I could highlight one piece of this resource that I think is key is his constant reminder about how important it is that we “evaluate” what we are doing. Too often I fall short in this area and instead of evaluating how we are doing I’m stuck planning the next 5 things. I’m a big fan of what Tim has done here.”
Lars Rood, Youth Pastor, author of, “Youth Ministry on a Shoestring”

Aaron Giesler“Youth ministry can be a frustrating and enigmatic endeavor. Some expert or mega-church youth worker will tell you how to succeed in ministry based on their professional career. But most of the time trying to replicate someone else’s youth ministry will fail. Tim’s experience and advice means you don’t have to find this out for your own ministry. Instead, this book affords you the opportunity to develop your own style, or flavor, of youth ministry. Based on your own church, cultural context, etc. you can set your own goals and stay focused on them. I recommend this book for anyone wanting to quit simply copying other people’s ministry and start living out your unique ministry story.”
Aaron Giesler, Youth Pastor, Grip-Birkman Blueprint Coach

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What “Focused Youth Ministry” Includes

This straight-forward, practical guide includes steps on how to:

  • Discover God’s vision for your specific and contextualized ministry
  • Begin to implement that vision into your ministry
  • Put metrics in place that will help you evaluate your ministry’s effectiveness in moving the vision forward
  • Ensure that the vision does not wear off over time
  • Launch a ministry every year that is better poised to move the vision forward than the year before
  • Give ownership of the vision to the church
  • Operate out of what God has called your ministry to be instead of solely out of what it does
  • and much more…

The approach this ebook takes is not to just give you information on how to accomplish these things, but rather to give you and your team good questions to ask together that will help you discover together what God’s vision is for your unique ministry and how to move it forward. It doesn’t tell you what your ministry’s focus needs to be — it takes you through a process that makes that necessary focus become apparent.

Free Sample Download

If you want to see a sample of the beginning steps of the “focusing” process laid out in this ebook, download a sample of the ebook and check it out.

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