2 things we often forget about teaching

2 things we often forget about teaching God's WordAfter yesterday’s post on 10 reasons why you should do lesson prep early, here’s a follow-up on two things we often forget about teaching God’s Word.

1. Passion trumps eloquence. Passion communicates something deeper on a subconscious level than what we can fake on a stage. Hyping up more energy and excitement doesn’t equate passion — it just makes you look goofy as you flail your arms and talk loudly. When you’re genuinely passionate, there’s something subliminal that’s very intriguing when you talk. Even if your audience doesn’t care about the subject matter, they can’t help but listen. Conversely, rarely are people engaged when messages contain great content but no passion.

2. You are not the Holy Spirit. Teach God’s Word, but relieve yourself of the expectation to transform lives. Resist the pressure to apply every lesson to teenagers’ lives in every relevant situation you can think of. That’s the job of the Holy Spirit to convict, prompt and teach as you communicate God’s Word. Partner with Him, don’t try to do His job. You do your part while He does His. Life-change is not ultimately your responsibility. That’s between the individual and God.

What other things do we often forget about teaching scripture? Share in the comments below.

Posted on April 14, 2010

  • I think another thing we miss out on is the "immediate" application – the "now what?" Often we go to a closing prayer, and then the room shifts its personality away from the message. We need to be intentional about the first sounds in that room when a message is over, from the music that is played to what's on the screen – maybe a challenge up there that underscores what was said versus a kid behind the soundboard cranking up his personal favorite tune. Everything that follows can be a piece of this.

    When I was in high school, it was McDonald's – we'd go there (students only, no leaders) and talk about applying what we'd just heard. Well, that, and we flirted a lot. :)

    • Hmm… I had never thought about that before. Thanks, Tony.

  • I like your #1, just as long as your passion is backed up with substance. I've seen too many "professional" speakers literally dance around the stage with passion, but their substance with nothing – sometimes even using very little scripture. This is unacceptable. #2 is also right on as it is the Lord who moves hearts and changes people, not our fancy presentations or eloquence.

    • Yeah, you're totally right about #1. I should've made that more clear. Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Very timely! I am reading this after being home from form our mid week service. Thanks Tim for these words they placed perfectly!

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