$97 for $1,000+ worth of Youth Ministry Resources

Only 133 saleI wanted to let you guys know about the upcoming Groupon-type sale happening at this week. Starting at noon eastern time on Friday, January 11, 2013, you’ll have the opportunity to buy $1,552 worth of youth ministry resources for $97. The sale is live for only 144 hours (hence the name), so check it out quickly.

What’s included in the $97 bundle

The $97 bundle features youth ministry resources from 9 different producers. Here’s a bit of what you get for your $97.

  • $100 gift card to Doug Fields’
  • 8 Bible study videos from that get students talking (valued at $96)
  • 5 of the best skit videos from the church drama team, OneTimeBlind (valued at $75)
  • 3 training videos from Mark Moore on, “How To Lead A Missions Trip,” “Four Things You Need to Know About Volunteering,” and “Master Secrets of Youth Ministry.” (valued at $187)
  • 6 jr. high sets of curriculum from (valued at $120)
  • Pre-made youth and children’s ministry logo templates ready to be customized for your ministry (valued at $245)
  • 5 six-minute Bible study videos with leader guides from (valued at $100)
  • 24 weeks of youth ministry curriculum from 14:6 Ministries (valued at $80)
  • A 12-week teaching series titled, “There’s An App for That” (valued at $300)
  • 40 HD youth ministry programming countdown videos from David Kuo (valued at $249)

So far that value adds up to over $1,500, but always works up a couple last minute deals that they throw in at no extra cost.

Bonuses for the first who take the deal

If you’re one of the first to jump on the deal, there’s a couple added bonus perks.

  • The first person who orders will win an Amazon Kindle.
  • The first 10 people who order will win Burning Lights CD from Chris Tomlin.
  • The first 20 people who order will win 99 Thoughts for Youth Workers, by Josh Griffin.
  • The first 100 people who order will win Kung Foo Master Secrets of Youth Ministry Video, by Mark Moore and Bryce Hansen.

If you want to learn more details about each of these resources, you can find it all at when the deal goes live at noon eastern time this Friday.

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Posted on January 9, 2013

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