A new identity for our youth group

IdentityToday over lunch with one of my adult volunteers we started talking about how different youth groups identify themselves different ways. It seems to us that our youth ministry here in Minnesota currently identifies itself by what it does — it’s events, programs and activities. While that’s ok, I guess, what we really want is a youth ministry that’s identified by who it is, not what it does. For example, if I were to ask my youth group kids, “Why do you come to this youth group?” it’s our impression that right now we’d probably hear a variety of answers, mostly something like, “We like the games,” or “We think the Bible studies are cool,” or “We go on fun trips.” But what I really want our youth group to be identified by are characteristics of “being.” I want their answers to change to, “I come to this youth group because I know this is a place where I’m accepted,” or “I feel safe to be myself here,” or “These relationships really impact my spiritual growth.” And then what we do is determined by who we are, not the other way around.

Posted on February 28, 2007

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  • I want them to encounter a touch of the Holy – a glimpse of God.

    I want them to walk away with a taste of God in their mouth.

  • I want students to experience God through spiritual reality

  • Tim

    Yeah, I also want our youth group to be identified as being a place where lives are spiritually transformed and leaders are developed for this generation.

  • We recently changed the entire identity of our student ministry. We have been working on a logo, purpose statement, Download (Discipleship) plan, new Worship format, and the whole nine yards. Our students have went from being lazy to living for the cause. They are more excited than ever about sharing thier faith and making a difference. When we can get away from “what trips we are taking on the road” to “What journey we are taking in our spiritual lives”, thats when God can take our students and turn thier campus, community and church upside down for Christ!

  • Tim

    Daniel, that’s so awesome and exciting to hear! I’m kinda in the same process here in my new position, but everything is still pretty undefined. It’ll be exciting to see how God pulls all the puzzle pieces together as we cast our vision and put it into action as you guys are doing.

  • I think your blog needs some updating. I would love to read more about this.

  • Lucianne

    I would like to start something similar with our delinquent here..we have so many of them and I would like to help them.
    I need a name for the group and theme. Your help needed please.

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