10 annoying ways to use Facebook in youth ministry

Annoying youth pastor on FacebookLast month I posted on the Life In Student Ministry Facebook Page asking you guys to post ideas for your top 10 annoying ways to use Facebook in youth ministry. Here are the suggestions with the most “likes” and the person who submitted it.

If you have another idea to add to the list, share it in the comments below!

1. Neglecting your page for weeks, then posting 37 different updates and Bible verses all in one day. (Benjer McVeigh)

2. Connect your youth group Facebook page to a Twitter account and make your non-Twitter teens “decipher the code.” (Jason Huffman)

3. Trying to be hip: liking Justin Beiber or posting words to a song, but that song is, “As The Deer,” or “Shine, Jesus, Shine.” (JC Groves)

4. Trying to get students to church by guilting them into it, posting something like, “God gives us how many hours a week to live our lives? What’s thirty minutes more on a Sunday to give time back to Him?” (JC Groves)

5. Posting…tons…of…phot​os…one…at…a…time..​.instead…of…in…an…​album…so…that…it…t​akes…forever…to…view​…all…of…them. (Benjer McVeigh)

6. Ask random, unrelated questions on someone’s really old picture. (Tim Schmoyer)

7. Make up a few abbreviations to go along with lol and ttyl and use them constantly, expecting teens to know what they mean. (Tim Schmoyer)

8. Random proof-textings of scripture to demean or try to show that your theological viewpoint is the only and correct way, thus making yourself look like an idiot because people don’t understand what you are talking about. (Brandon Rodgers)

9. You mean it’s not cool if I say things like “da”?? (Angie Rines)

10. Passive-agressive comments about the lack of committment of kids or mistakes youth leaders make on your status, but add lol at the end in order to reduce tension. (PJ Wong)

Posted on August 9, 2011

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