Benefits of unemployment

Dana’s search for an elementary teaching position has turned up void and I’m only working part-time at the church, which obviously makes for a pretty tight budget right now. Although this sounds like reason for concern (and it is), there’s a benefit in all this that Dana and I originally overlooked: we have lots of time for each other! Since I only work at the church every other day, we have Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays just for us. Granted, there’s not much we can go out and do on a free budget, but even just sitting on the couch together is a great way for us to start the first couple weeks of our marriage.

Sometimes God’s blessings come in disguise.

Posted on August 15, 2006

  • From one budgeted family to another, maximize your local libraries selection of 80’s movies.

  • Tim, thanks for coming over to my blog and commenting! I am always looking for new people to chat with.

    I have a book suggestion for you. It’s called Red Hot Monogamy. Right now you’re newly married, but take it from me (I have been married for 12 years), everyone can benefit from this kind of advice no matter how long you’ve been married. It’s pretty steamy stuff.

    I will pray for a job opportunity to open up for your wife. Isn’t it awesome to live your life in complete reliance upon God’s provision? It’s very scary but exciting too. He knows exactly how to take care of us. We can trust Him.

  • Sarah Whited (Bishop)

    Hey Tim,

    I will definately keep you and Dana in my prayers. I know Dana probably wants to work in a public school setting, but has she tried looking into christian schools? That is where I started. I just got online and typed in Christian Schools in the area I was moving too. I contacted a school told them I had just graduated and was intrested in applying. Went on two interviews and I was hired. Even though christians are much needed in public school they are also needed in christian schools so it’s just an idea. They are always usually in need of someone even if it’s office work, and sometimes they even pay more than public. May God Bless the both of you during this time, and continue to stand on Faith, which I know you will!

  • I know the feeling. My wife goes for an interview for a 6th grade teaching position tomorrow. It’s the last teaching job open in the school system she’s been subbing in. My job is ok, but with a 17 month old who eats non-stop, it can get a little tight. Hang in there. Enjoy your time with your wife.

  • G’ma & G’pa Wayman

    Well, we’ve been married 59 years, and still enjoy ‘halving’ a meal together.. we even like MacDonald’s !! Just got back from OH seeing our youngest son and family. He has his doctorate in counseling, and has office in the Nazarene church. Does well. His wife is a good bookkeeper. 2 sons in college this year.
    LUV to our new g’son!!
    G’ma G’pa HB

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