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    As a small comment, scrolling through the google ads is annoying! Maybe put them under the comments?

    I was recently given the opportunity to rewrite my job description, and it's still be tailored and finalized. It's uniquely focused on me as an individual, so this wouldn't be what would be used to hire another minister. I've a task list oriented person, that's why everything item based rather than sentences or paragraphs.

    Job Description


    To develop and oversee a ministry that seeks to meet the holistic needs of youth (6th – 12th grade), by partnering with parents and volunteers, that balances our 5 key areas of ministry (Community, Discipleship, Evangelism, Service, and Worship) and focuses on the vision of Our Church.


    Develop ministry vision and strategy:
    Establish long-term, measurable ministry goals.
    Develop and follow a ministry framework for Christian Education and Spiritual Formation
    Develop and maintain Youth Ministry budget.
    Attend staff and elders meetings.
    Preach on Sunday mornings when needed.
    Safety Policy – Oversee it, enforce it, keep it updated and current, teach it
    Yearly Ministry evaluations: Families, Volunteers, and Youth in 5 key areas. Ministry safety

    Recruit, train, develop and equip
    On-going training and volunteer development
    Policy education enforcement

    Parents and Families:
    Partner with
    Develop relationships with
    Maintain good communication through regular meetings, email, and the website.
    Train and equip parents and families.

    Develop programs and activities for the 5 key areas
    Maintain a ministry schedule, planning lessons, events and trips
    Preparation of lessons
    Maintain contact and develop relationships with youth
    Ensure the care and cleanup of church facilities when used by the youth

    On-the-job training:
    Attending ministry conferences at least once every two years
    Work towards M.Div

    Work in unity with the Elders and Staff
    Work towards the vision of the church
    Report monthly to the Elder overseeing the youth ministry

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      Dude, that's great! Did your church ask you do to it with the consideration of making it your official job description?

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/peripatew peripatew

        Yup. Our church is re-organizing and re-visioning. A part of that was to have better accountability and mentoring relationships between Elders and Staff. Creation our of job descriptions is part of our evaluation process.

        Incredibly excited about what God is doing in our community.

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