Christmas in Guild Wars

I don’t expect anyone else to care about this besides me, but oh well. :P The Christmas update for Guild Wars came out last night and I must say that a lot of the towns and arenas look pretty cool. The sad thing is, this has probably done more to put me in the Christmas mood than anything else. lol I’m pathetic. :) Now if I could just find one of those Santa hats in-game, I’d be set! Here are some screenshots for anyone who might be interested.

Posted on December 22, 2005

  • Tim

    Guild Wars is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) Role Playing Game (RPG). Rather than taking the time to explain it, I'll refer you here:

    Basically all you need to know is that it's the best game ever and that you should definitely check it out even if you're not a RPG guy. There are a lot of first-person shooter (FPS) fans that play GW because of the action and strategy. The best part: there are no monthly fees!

    If anyone has it and wants to look me up in-game, my account name is Knight of Albian.

  • :roll: Lol! Okay, when you told me this morning you had something to post about Christmas…I would have never guessed it would have to do with GW. I was so excited to see what you wrote about. And oddly, I am smiling right now, but just because it is so you that the only thing getting you in the Christmas spirit are Christmas icons on GW. :wink:
    Wow! :lol:
    Are they playing any Christmas music on GW too?

  • Dude, what is guild wars. You have peeked my old school D@D passion!!

  • There is no "Christmas" in Guild Wars. Christ does not exist in Tyria. Notice that all the symbols that are used in decorating the locations in-game are pagan ('Christmas' tree) or secular symbols ('Grentches' = Grintches).

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