Creativity in ministry

Mark Batterson has a great post addressing creativity in ministry leadership and “keeping what is sacred from becomming routine.” Please read and apply.

A couple weeks ago I was asked about my personal relationship with Christ and what I did to maintain it. I guess most people except an answer like, “I read my Bible, pray, and have personal worship time and 6:00AM every morning.” Although I participate in these things (rarely at 6:00AM, though!), it’s not a forced disciplined routine for me. My time with God is different all the time. I find new and creative things to do with Him. Otherwise my spiritual walk begins to feel like a rut, not an active and vital relationship.

Although Mark Batterson’s post relates more to ministry philosophy than to personal spiritual growth, I think his concept can be applied both ways.

Posted on August 5, 2006

  • Len

    Are you currently at DTS? I’m sure we have a mutual friend if you do or if you did. Just wondering. Keep Lovin’ Jesus!

  • Tim,

    it’s good to see that your site is back on the world wide web again!! i’m also glad to hear that your honeymoon went well and that now you can share everything with your wife Dana now. I’ll be praying for you both as you grow in love and wisdom through Christ!!


  • Tim

    Perry Noble is thinking the same thing I am about creativity in our relationship with God keeping it from becoming dull. Good read!

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