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Almost every day I get an email from someone asking me to plug their website, but honestly, most of them are not worth sharing. They often have a single post up and it basically says, “This is my new website!” I check back a few weeks later and that single post is still sitting all alone on the site.

The history I have with those emails have obviously made me a bit leery, including the email I received from Kenny Campbell about, but thankfully he’s an example that some people have a vision and will execute it regardless of if they get attention for it or not.

His new blog is designed to be a place where youth workers and Orange thinkers can share and discover free ministry resources.

Every single post features two things: 1 downloadable resource (totally free and totally editable) and 1 video interview with the creator of that resource.

At the moment, all of the published posts feature resource created by his ministry, but he’s hoping that’s only temporary. They have a line-up of people and ministries ready to share some of their materials with the rest of us for free.

The resources Kenny and his wife are giving away are well-done and high quality resources, especially the ones that focus on family ministry. And I particularly like their use of video to explain each resource and give you a “behind the scenes” look at how to use it most effectively. Check it out and be sure to contribute!


Posted on March 2, 2012

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