Freebie Friday 227: Free copies of The Lifebook for students!

Free youth ministry resources every is giving away free copies of the Gospel of John for teens! They’re printing 1.2 million for distribution during the up-coming school year, so there will be plenty to go around for everyone.

I gave a detailed review of The Lifebook in the video below where you can see that these are solid books. It starts with a summary of some important stories from the Old Testament that sets the context for the salvation message in the Gospel of John and ends with a challenge for students to decide what they’re going to do with Jesus personally. Throughout the text are “handwritten” notes from a couple teenagers and an adult that give valuable insight and thoughts.

The Lifebook is founded by The Gideons International as part of their strategy for getting God’s Word into schools within government guidelines. The Gideons have been shut out of the schools, but your students aren’t. They want to work with you and your teenagers to “smuggle” God’s Word into a “closed country” to reach students who do not yet know Christ.

The Lifebook is completely free! There’s no cost for you at all. Go to and learn a little bit about casting the “saturation” vision for this as a short-term mission trip by your students to their middle schools and high schools.

Aaron Tucker of First Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Mississippi, shared about his experience with The Lifebook as a YouTube comment on my video review yesterday.

The Life Book was an amazing experience for our community. We passed out over 2,000 copies in our little town in spring 2011, and God did some crazy things that are still rippling throughout our schools months later. My favorite part is what Tim did not mention [in this video]. This is evangelism training on the real for our students. No adults passed anything out. And for the purpose of one-on-one conversations about Christ, it is an excellent tool to actually do something with evangelism! LOVE IT! The kids really got excited about sharing their faith, and we did it with about eight other small churches for our rural community. God’s promise in Isaiah 55:10-11 is for real, and the students got to see that first hand. It was amazing!

Go get your Lifebooks and use them with students to share God’s Word in your community!

LinkGet free Lifebooks and start a “saturation” on your youth group’s campus

Posted on May 6, 2011

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