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Issues and AnswersIn 2007 my Sr. Pastor, Roland Boyce, came to me and said he was writing a book that he wished he had while raising his kids. He told me stories of tough questions his kids asked during their teenage years and how he wished he had a resource to both quickly reference and help prepare him for what was coming.

“Dad, show me in the Bible where it says how far I should go on a date.”

“Dad, my friend had an abortion. What happens to that baby?”

Even though the Bible doesn’t deal with these issues directly, it does delve in the lives of real people who dealt with many of these issues. Noah got drunk, Elijah struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts, and David faced issues of adultery and murder.

Issues and Answers, FREE!

In the absence of such a resource, he decided to write one himself. His book, “Issues and Answers: A Handbook Providing Biblical Answers to Questions of Children and Youth,” is now complete and he’s giving it away completely free!

Each chapter in the book follows this format:

  • Biblical Synopses
  • Modern Reasoning
  • Responses
  • Resources
  • Fact
  • Life Lab

At 300 pages long, it’s definitely more in-depth than your average ebook. This could work great as a resource to distribute to the parents in your church or even to use as curriculum for your youth group.

Alphabetical Listing of Issues

  1. Abortion
  2. Alcohol
  3. Authority
  4. Bible (The)
  5. Birth Control
  6. Church (The)
  7. Cloning
  8. Clothes (Fads)
  9. Cults/Occult
  10. Dating
  11. Death and Dying
  12. Death Penalty
  13. Depression
  14. Divorce
  15. Drugs
  16. Ecology
  17. Evolution
  18. Euthanasia
  19. Food (Eating Disorders)
  20. Gambling
  21. God
  22. Homosexuality
  23. Marriage
  24. Modern Day Religions
  25. Money (Stewardship)
  26. Music
  27. Parent-Child Relationships
  28. Peer Pressure
  29. Politics
  30. Pornography
  31. Pre-Marital Sex
  32. Racism
  33. Sabbath/Sunday
  34. School
  35. Smoking
  36. Sports
  37. Suicide
  38. Swearing
  39. Tattoos (Body Piercing)
  40. War
  41. Women’s Rights

LinkDownload, “Issues and Answers,” by Roland Boyce

Posted on May 8, 2013

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