Freebie Friday 213: Free lesson on sex and holiness

Free youth ministry resources every Fridayyouthministry360 is giving you an entire lesson from their newest 4-lesson Bible Study, “Live Different: What The Bible Says About Sex And Holiness.”

Here are the details about Live Different from their website and how you can download your free lesson!

Live Different is a brand new, 4-lesson study from youthministry360 that helps teenagers understand (and apply!) exactly what the Bible says about sex and holiness. It’s a biblically solid, ultra-creative resource that will help you walk through a straightforward and in-depth discussion on exactly how 21st-century Christian teenagers should respond to the hyper-sexualized culture they find themselves in.

Live Different doesn’t just tell your students what not to do. It makes the Bible’s case for what they are called to do! Live Different makes the case for your students that living a holy life, a life that stands out against the backdrop of culture, is the goal for all Christ-followers. This is the key to meeting a sex-saturated culture head on.

The free 1-lesson includes:

  • The complete Leader’s Guide with Bible Background for lesson.
  • A PowerPoint slideshow designed to help you craft a customized presentation.
  • A Student Guide for your in-class Bible Study time.
  • Guy/Girl Discussion Questions perfect for small group/break out.
  • The Lesson 1 Video Component.

Download it from the link below:

LinkGet the free “Live Different” youth group lesson

Posted on January 27, 2011

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