Freebie Friday #15: “Deal or No Deal” youth group game

Deal or No Deal youth group gameWhenever there’s an unusually large crowd in an unusually small space, game options are pretty limited. Fortunately, this Deal or No Deal Flash game can be downloaded and projected onto a big screen for a couple contestants to play. Make sure you encourage the audience to shout their suggestions! And maybe award hugs instead of dollars.


For Microsoft Windows:
After downloading the full-screen version below, this game can easily be imported to a PowerPoint presentation on Windows or played as-is with a Flash Player. If you need instructions on how to include this game in your PowerPoint show, go here.

For Mac OS X:
Unfortunately, Mac cannot import SWF shows into PowerPoint due to its lack of support for ActiveX controls (which is usually a good thing!). So you’ll need a SWF player to play the Flash show instead. A free one for Mac can be found here.


(ht to D’Caffenated Pickle for the game.)

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Posted on April 6, 2007

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  • Cool. I think I might try to use this as a way to attempt to give a Free Trip this summer to a kid. Cost for them is $220, so I gotta use my math skillz to do the conversion to where $1,000,000 is equal to the full price of the trip. We’re going to again!

  • Tim

    That’s a great idea, Blake. Unfortunately there’s no way to edit the game to reflect your different scores, but I guess you could just communicate that up front.

  • Found this a few weeks ago here Tim, but now it does not seem to be hosted on the site any longer, and my copy only shows half of the images in the presentation… hmm

  • Tim

    Hey Brett! Everything here still seems to be working for me. The embeded flash version is here, it’s still on the original site and the downloadable Flash file hosted here is still available, too. To download it, right-click on the “Download Full Screen Game” link in the post and select “Save target as” (in IE) or “Save file as” (in Firefox). Lemme know if you have issues with it.

  • hey Tim, i tried everything you said, but the fullscreeen never ran anything but the background and the music. It played normally, i just couldn’t see the cases or the amounts… or the offers… so we used Pacdude’s Meal or No Meal instead. If you’ve got 20 minutes, you can watch it on my blog… thanks fer everything so far!

  • Tim

    Hey Brett! Sorry it didn’t work for ya. I know those fullscreen instructions work because I did it personally on several computers for different people around here. Dunno why it didn’t work for you. Do you have an older version of Flash installed? Or maybe an older version of PowerPoint? Or maybe you have ActiveX controls disabled? Either way, “Meal or No Meal” looks good, too!

  • Hey This is so fun. We are going to use this with our youth group, but set up prize brackets. If they have between 1-100 they win a jelly bean

    1,000,000 fast food gift certificates with candy bars and sodas in between.

  • Tim

    April, that sounds like a great idea! Thanks for sharing your tip!

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  • I don’t remember saying this game was available for download.

  • Hi, I am trying to download this deal or no deal presentation but can't, my oerating system is windows vista-don't know if that makes any difference. when I click the "download full screen game link" I am taken to page which allows me to play the game but I want to be able to download and save it.


    • Robs

      Right click the link and press save target as

  • The theme is interesting, thanks you pal. Happy New Year!

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