How to keep up with a growing youth group: You can’t!

A month ago I wrote about how our youth ministry and our church in general are numerically growing like crazy. As the trend continues, I’m quickly being forced to multiply myself many times over by developing youth leaders to do the work of the ministry. If the ministry depends only on me, then we’ll always be limited to whatever I can accomplish within my tiny little work week, but if it’s not all dependent on one limited person (me!) we can scale with it exponentially.

I have a meeting tonight with a couple youth leaders to discuss some of the growing pains we’re experiencing and how we can alleviate some of the pressures the tremendous growth has presented. My proposal is to form several teams that will each focus on one area of the ministry and run with it. Download my meeting agenda below for a synopsis of the proposal.

I can’t keep up with the the constant growth of our youth ministry, but as a team we can.

PDF iconYouth leadership team meeting agenda: Proposal for sustaining growth

[UPDATE: I love my youth leaders! They’re so sharp and have great minds and hearts for ministry. We had our meeting tonight and they wisely pointed out to me that evangelism should be a part of everything we do, not a separate team. So we eliminated the evangelism team from my list and will incorporate an intentional reach for unsaved students in all the other areas of ministry.]

Posted on October 3, 2007

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