I need prayer this week

Anyone who reads this, I’d appreciate some prayer this week. As I posted before, the grind aspect of ministry is becoming very real to me lately. Never before have I been more convinced that the sin of gossip and lies are horrible and that they have the potential to ruin ministry. I wish some people could just realize the affect their actions are having and STOP, but I guess people who conduct themselves in this manner are usually not in a position to notice (or care?). I’m angry, I feel vulnerable and emotionally drained, and I really want to throw tact and diplomacy out the window and say what I’m thinking to certain people, but I know that will do more harm than good. Originally I wanted to use this situation as an opportunity for change and growth in people’s lives, but now the situation has been pushed much further than I thought it would ever go since the offending parties have leaped across a number of different boundaries. Rather than trying to promote maturity and life-change, I now have to resort to defending the reputation of the youth ministry and protecting the students in it. If you think of it, please pray for me this week as the church leadership deals with this situation on my behalf. Pray that we will have widsom and that my creditability remains intact. Ultimately, however, pray that the Lord will somehow be glorified through it all.

P.S. What I’ve learned through this is that it is ALWAYS a good idea to keep your Sr. Pastor up to date on everything that goes on inside the youth ministry. I’m definitely glad now that I do this.

Posted on December 12, 2005

  • It is usually harder to take the high road when everyone else appears to be taking the low road.

    A pastor friend of mine once said, “For some people the church is the only place that they feel important. Their voice matters and the weild it like a little kid with an awkward sword, not caring who they hit.”

    There is probably some truth to that. I pray that you can just weather this storm and keep a level head and loving heart. Giving the other cheek to be hit is never fun, but it is biblical.

  • april

    you betcha

  • Wow,

    I feel like I could hhave just written your post myself. I’m sure that our two circumstances are completely different but I’ve had a draining bit of time fighting against stuff too. What I learned is..
    1. seperate the person from the problem, try and reconcile with the person and then work on the problem later..
    2. in your anger do not sin. I was so angry at the sin that my own anger went from righteous to self-righteous and it started to eat me up inside.
    It wasn’t till yesterday when we were praying about it and someone prayed Psalm 51 that God activated his peace in my heart.
    3. The battle really does belong to the Lord. I know it’s a cliche, but it’s true and he can supernaturally solve problems. I was so tempted to control problems that it showed my lack of trust…
    But I am blessed as well with a close relationship with our Sr. Pastor and he really stood by me in this, (and is standing by me..)

    But it was really meditating on psalm 51 and the old chorus from that psalm that finally gave me freedom..

    I’ll pray God gives you peace! and wisdom .. I REALLY sympathize with you..

  • I prayed about this last night for a while. And I’m still stirred up about it. I was able to relax and take my mind off of it today. I know this wont happen for you until it is over and done with. I can’t imagine what you are going through, unless what I am feeling is taking on some of the pain for you.

    I have to keep on reminding myself that God is in control. I know you and Pastor are seeking after God in this and doing what is right. God will protect you and others involved because of this. God can work miracles and I trust he will.

    I know that God will work through you in this situation. I am blown away with how you handle tough situations, and then I realize that what I see is God working through you.

    I will continue to bathe you and this in prayer.

  • You bet, you and your situation have prayers coming from here Tim.

  • Tim-I will be praying the Lord’s peace and joy fill you. It’s easier said then done-but God is in control. He knows what He is doing. What you think is a detriment to the “Youth Ministry” God can use for His ultimate glory. When you are in the ministry-things like that happen. It’s sad but it does, my dad has some crazy and sad stories of being in the ministry. As long as you are consecrated to the Lord and yielded to His will-God will direct your paths and your actions. His answer may not be what you thought it should be-But God is sovereign and He loves you-and wants the best for you. Sometimes God’s best can mean the most trials. To get a diamond-it has to be refined. Refining through trials can hurt but God has a greater purpose. I’m praying for you, the pastor, and the people involved. Stephanie

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  • Linda

    Please pray for Greg and Linda’s house to sell

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