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Simplify Media logoWell, not yet I’m not, but I’m using Simplify Media‘s little application that lets me share share my entire iTunes library over the Internet with any friends who also use it. In fact, as I write this I’m browsing my brother‘s 10,000+ song iTunes library from over 100 miles away and streaming one of Good Charlotte’s old albums. My library is only a little over 4,600 songs, but if you want access to it, visit Simplify Media, set up their service and add my screen name to your friend’s list: rockinyp. I’d love to share it with you, especially if you do the same with me. Don’t worry; the software is legal, free and drop-dead simple to use. It shares your iTunes library with your friends over the Internet just like you would normally share it over a local network.

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Posted on July 26, 2007

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  • brian

    Dude…that is freakin unbelievable. Listening to your Itunes library right now and already texting my friends about this. Crazy cool.

  • Tim

    Yeah, I got 8 new friends on Simplify Media within an hour of posting this! I just wish I new who some of these people are or at least could IM them or something. Some of these people have podcasts in their library done by friends of mine. I’m wondering if there’s a mutual connection somewhere.

    So far my brother’s library is still my favorite, though. :P

  • i will be joining shortly. so stinking awesome.

  • What’s iTunes? – JJ

  • yea it’s great, i’ve been listening to your itunes as well, i’m impressed without how organized the setup is when looking at others itunes library. thanks!

  • my screen name is xjm716

  • jinsell

    You have an amazing iTunes Library. I can definitely get into this. Thanks Tim!

  • Tim

    Thanks, Jinsell! A lot of people are sharing great libraries with me, too! Right now I’m listening to Nu Thang by DC Talk from someone else’s library. I haven’t heard this album is so long! What a blast from the past. lol

  • I’m up and going with my puny little library. My screen name is ChrisDay

  • i feel bab, i joined and left for a conference for the week! be back on next week! I’m loving the software.

  • my screen name is weebles21

  • and one more thing, if you aren’t that familiar with Itune push “Ctrl+B” to make your music browsing experience MUCH nicer!

  • Hey, this thing is awesome. I’m listening to your music right now. Only problem is that it looks like we have almost exactly the same music. Anyway, I’m gonna go blog about this, and see if I can make some new friends on there.

  • I forgot to share, my screen name is: truth

  • I forgot to share, my screen name is: truth
    Anybody else that reads this feel free to invite, I’d love to share what I got

  • this thing is just too good to be true.

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  • I’m “relevantyouth” and found this through the pastor2youth forums… plus I like this blog alot. I have about 9,000 tracks shared.

  • Tim

    I've hit the max capacity of 30 friends on my Simplify Media list, so at the moment I can't accept anyone else. I'll probably go through the list, though, and remove the ones who aren't really sharing much in order to make room for others who are. Or maybe I'll only remove people who aren't frequently online. I dunno… Just don't be offended if I remove you from my list! lol

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  • taste.the.value

    add me to your lists as well, screen name: taste.the.value I have a good sized music library and im very anxious to see this program work.

  • Andrew

    im apetty32 just add me i have 1900 i promise

  • matt

    for some reason it won't let me put all my music up… me and my friend are having the same problem…. help anyone?

  • walter

    hello thanks man my screen name is: upwindbike

  • Zach

    Hey, I’m rednegativity and you should all add me. I have a small library of about 4000 items. For some reason, everybody who’s friends with me can see my library, but in my iTunes, there is no Shared folder like there is supposed to be. I can’t find a forum on the actual SimplifyMedia page so any help here would be appreciated.

  • Matt

    Heyy, I love this program. My screeny is Matt.Dawson,add me, im on 2,678
    but its growing by the day :)

  • mike

    Can you post your list of 30 screennames?
    I am trying to get better ones and finish out my 30. I have added a bunch but some are still pending and some are rarely online.

  • @ Mike: No, I’m not going to do that. I’m actually thinking about taking my own screen name off this post because of all the people who add me who have nothing, but the only way I can tell is if I remove someone else from my 30 first.

  • mike

    Yeah, I guess I can understand that. I have 14 friends and 11 pending but only ever have 1 other guy online. I’d tell you to add me but I mainly have all the YLO stuff and podcasts… nothing that you don’t already have or is free. :-) Maybe that’s why I got deleted… :-)
    I googled Simplify Media and found some firefighter forum where they were talking about it. I added all them but none are ever online.

  • aguzan

    hey, what’s ur brother’s itunes library?

    and for you people, my screen name is “aguzan” i have like 16 gb of pink floyd to slayer, and every single (3.6gb) metallica song (live too!).

  • Platithumb

    Add Me! Name is Platithumb and I have around 3000, from Punk to Good (not pop) Country.

  • Brandi

    Heyyy im new to this// my s/n is brandiwine. share music with me

  • cool. add me guys, i have about 8000 songs in my library. my screename is lurveb3r

  • Caitlin

    Hey So i just joined this thing, and Im relaly looking forward to listening to all sorts of new music! Hope ya’ll will add me! CaitlinBaitlin!

  • carbonr

    hey guys ssup… i gt like 8gb of tunes.. added many of you guys..pending acceptance… my screen name is : carbonr

  • Crystal

    My name is rocktimist. I listen to mostly punk, indie, rock, & alternative. Over 30gigs. Add me if you have the same tastes :-D

  • karl

    hi all i,m new to this but i have about 5000 oldies and some new stuff to share on simplymedia so if you want to add me i will accept my screen name is karlzips cheers guys and hope you like my music ..

  • Scot

    I'm currently sharing about 3 TB of music. All different Genres, but I mostly have ENTIRE discographies of the artists I enjoy. My user name is Across148.

  • Philip

    I have a ton of music. All different genres. Add me, if you dont like it then you can drop me.


  • Scott F


    Just found this site and am currently building my library. RIght now it contains alot of great love bootlegs. Check it out if you like. Scree name: farans

  • Scott F

    Love bootlegs??? I meant LIVE bootlegs.

  • nATE


  • scarfromaguitar

    add me I have a lot of different rock, hard rock, metal, etc:


  • Jolida

    Hi,,,I have a library of 16000 songs & updating. Screen name is ‘jolida’

  • Stanley

    screen name: stasmarkin
    14.5k songs+ updating

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