Imitation is not always flattery

I was listening to Hoobastank in the car yesterday and the chorus to “First of Me” made me think about the approach many youth pastors take in youth ministry:

I hear a voice inside
It’s grown into a scream
I’m not the next of them
I am the first of me
‘Cause I can’t live the lie
I am just what you see
I’m not the next of them
I am the first of me

How many youth pastors are frustrated in ministry because they’re trying to copy someone else’s ministry? We look up to and respect the youth pastors at the “big churches” who appear to be very successful because they have a calling from God and follow it diligently. But we often fail to remember that we too have a calling from God and need to follow it to the best of our ability.

I am not the next [insert big youth ministry name here]. I am the first Tim Schmoyer.

Posted on May 15, 2007

  • How many youth pastors / workers get frustrated because the kids they are discipling do not turn out to be just like them?

  • Jeremy

    Amen. I get frustrated by people in churches constantly comparing the programs at our church to the programs at others. We have 15 kids coming vs their 45. We only have 20 in our program..get over it!

    Rethink the system. Be happy with what you have…how many are coming, and leave the rest of the ministries to do thier own thing.

  • Tim

    Yeah. Sometimes I think we spend more time studying other people’s formula’s for ministry and imitating what worked for them rather than seeking the Lord for what will work with our kids.

  • Guy

    So true.

    We all need to push the fact that “quality definitely overrides quantity”.

  • I just ask myself WWTD (what would Tim do?) Oops did I just write this.

    Tim you’re right, the only one we should be looking to is Jesus and he will show us the areas in our ministries that need the work.

  • Tim

    lol! Steve, you are such a funny little man. :P

  • Dan

    Good Stuff!!

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  • tom

    I agree with everyones post. I have to add I use tools from other ministires like Doug Fields. I dont think so much because I want to be like saddleback, but I believe they have a great ministry strategy. I had thought of the tools,but I didnt have the background, experience, people or resources to build them. And yes quality trumps quantity any day. I asked that question before I accepted this job. tom

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