Interesting puzzle

An adult volunteer from youth group sent me this link:

She asked if I knew how it worked, which at first I didn’t, but after trying it a couple times I figured it out. It’s pretty fun if you have some time to waste. Lemme know if you need help solving it. ;)

I’m off to youth camp for the week! I’ll update when I return.

Posted on May 27, 2006

  • Okay I’m confused. I thought I figured it out, but I didn’t. :???:

  • phillip

    yeah how does it work?

  • Alex

    Im lost. :shock:

  • Okay so turns out I did figure it out. I’m just bad at math. :wink:

  • elaine spera

    Do not send e-mails to

  • I am soooo ready for you to be back home. And then for the week to pass and you come and see me. Please? I miss you! :sad:

  • creepy. very creepy.

  • Tim

    It’s pretty simple. When you pick a number, add the digits together and subtract that number from the original number, the answer will always be a multiple of 9. Check the grid — every number that is a multiple of 9 has the same symbol (9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81). Your answer will always be one of those numbers and they all have the same symbol each time. :smile:

  • rusty

    all the multiples of 9 do NOT have the same symbol 72 is different from the symbol above 9 i thought it was the same thing but i have tried it several times and while its always a multiple of 9 the diff numbers have diff symbols

  • Tim

    Hey Rusty. I took a screenshot of the chart and checked it again. Every multiple of 9, including 72, has the same symbol every time. Maybe you're just lining the white numbers up with the wrong symbol. Hit your PRINT SCREEN key and copy and paste the chart to a Word document or something. Check it a little closer. :cool:

  • Jada

    But you guys … I don't get the same number family (multiple of 9) or even the same symbol each time. What am I missing??

  • Tim

    Jada, you must be doing the math wrong if your final number doesn't come to be a multiple of 9. And the actual symbol will be different each time, but all the multiples of 9 will always have the same symbol together.

  • jody young

    I have yet to see anyone answer this. Usually it's the same answer from people. Like " oh yeah I got it it's a multiple of nine". Thats fine but it still doesnt give you the answer of how that exact symbol you are thinking of will come up. Keep trying :)

  • Tim

    Sure it does, Jody. Not really sure how else to explain this… Your (correct) answer to the mathmatical equation will always be 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, or 81. Each of those numbers on the chart will always have the same identical symbol together. In other words, every possible answer to the mathmatical equation has the same symbol. The symbol will change each time you go through the puzzle, but rest assured that any number that is a multiple of 9 will share identical symbols with each other.

    Okay, I’m finished explaining this. Have fun with it!

  • Slinger

    Tim's right. All multiples of 9 will have the same symbol, and your answer, (if correct) will always be a multiple of 9. Each time you try, the symbol for the multiples of 9 will chance, but whatever your symbol, it will be because you answer is a multiple of 9.

  • Chris

    I can't believe you guys are serious…….Tim explained it perfect.

  • Brenda

    Hey, guys. Tim and the gang are all correct. I think the part that people aren't realizing is that the chart changes each time you play the game (to state it a little bit differently than Tim). So the symbol for the "multiples of 9" is different each time you play. I hope that helps.

    This is really a very clever game. I, of course, had to spoil the fun immediately, and come find out how it worked. It was just too creepy for me!

  • Taryn

    I don't know any of you, just did a search on Google to see who has figured this out and THANK YOU to Tim for explaining it and also to Brenda for clarifying that the "multiple of 9" symbol is different each time. (I needed that clarification) Now I don't have to be afraid of that eerie cackling. It's just math! HAHAHA!

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