Lessons in Abilene

I learned two things on this trip.

First, that Dana requires a lot more attention than I can give her, and that’s okay. She thrives off of people more than anyone I know. She loved college because she was always had people around, friends to talk to, and things to do, but now that she’s out of that scene I’m pretty much the only one left for her. There’s no way that I, a guy who very much values alone time and quietness, can satisfy Dana’s need to relate and talk 24/7. She needs other people in her life besides me and unfortunately that isn’t really the case right now. Hopefully she can soon start developing a couple close relationships with new people in this area.

Second, it was confirmed for me that immature people are blinded to their immaturity and because of it communication is virtually impossible. This has been rolling around in my mind for several months now, but seeing it this weekend in a different context with different people really solidified it for me. Those who are immature can not see how immature they really are, nor can it be pointed out to them by people who care because they’re oblivious to it and immediately view any confrontation as an attack. Talking about it is pointless because the communication seems to take place on two totally different levels. Although I hate to throw my hands in the air and walk away, I see no other alternative and must let God do the necessary work in their lives, not me.

It kinda makes me think, though, in what areas I’m immature and am still blinded to it. No one considers themselves immature.

Posted on March 4, 2006

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