Made it safely to PA

After a pretty uneventful flight to Philly, I’m finally here with my family enjoying some much needed rest after a crazy weekend in Nashville. The flight was pretty empty, which was cool. Although I usually look forward to meeting new people on flights, my whole row of seats was empty, allowing me to stretch out and rest. Ahhh… so nice.

Last night my brother and his wife brought over their daughter, Ruby Ann, and gave me the opportunity to meet her for the first time. I was so excited! Unfortunately I have a fever blister (cold sore), which I always get whenever I’m really tired and worn out, so I couldn’t kiss her or anything, but it was fun to finally hold her and play a little after seeing the pictures and video clips of her on our family’s site the past couple months.

The rest of the family will arrive later today from Houston and Lynchburg. It will be the last time all the family will be together until next year sometime, since my brothers and their wives will be away for Christmas.

I meant to bring my notes from the NYWC to PA so I could blog other thoughts about the Youth Specialties convention, like summaries from my team’s debriefing/discussion meetings and a list of areas speakers recommended that we need to do differently in youth ministry, but I accidentally left them on the coffee table in my apartment, so I guess I’ll blog those things when I get home next week.

Posted on November 23, 2005

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