My thoughts on Osama Bin Laden, justice and death [video]

After a lot of controversy among pastors and youth workers on Twitter last night, I got a little frustrated with Christians being so passive toward justice. In this video are my thoughts on Osama Bin Laden’s death and the justice that the U.S. served to him. You can mourn his death, but to not celebrate justice feels wrong considering the 42,000 innocent lives that were taken, the promotion of violence, all the fear that was put in people’s hearts, etc..

I’ll admit that I may be a bit more passionate about justice than many others due to other experiences in my life, so I’m probably not the most neutral person on this matter, but I still have an initial reaction just like everyone else.

I welcome interaction about this, but keep the comments friendly and oriented for discussion, not arguing. Please and thank you.

(By the way, there’s already an engaging discussion happening in the comments on this video on YouTube. Check those comments out.)

Posted on May 2, 2011

  • Sean@Life

    Hey Tim, just a thought on the Bin Laden thing.
    Woke up to that news this morning (UK time) and my first thought was one of relief and joy that such a threat to goodness and freedom in the world is gone. Then when I thought some more about it I came to this conclusion. I'm so glad there is less danger in the long term, that the possibility of another 9/11 is diminished…but…is this another case of love the sinner hate the sin. Hate what he did and be glad that possibility is diminished but also hate the fact that a man had to die without salvation.
    But where does this leave us with decisions?
    Like if you were near a murderer and the only way to stop him/her would be to kill them, would you do it? Love to hear your thoughts

    • Good question. If I knew with certainty that someone was going to kill an innocent person and there was no opportunity nor time to contact proper authorities to handle the situation and the only way I could stop the tragedy would be to kill the murderer, I would do it.

      As I continue to think about this, too, I think many of us are incorrectly connecting what the Bible calls "your enemies" with appropriate military action. I don't think Osoma is a "turn the other cheek" context. I think scripture is referring to the people who are against you personally, whereas this issue is a state enemy. God establishes leaders and rules to protect us from people/nations like that.

      This was also a war context, not a murder context. That's a huge difference in your analogy and in how many people are approaching this issue. Terrorists declared war on us, we engaged in that war, and this is a casualty of it. No one's been speaking out against all the other casualties. I think Christians are just feeling a little guilty about the satisfaction they feel in justice because it meant someone lost their life, which is understandable.

      • Sean@Life

        Yeah I can agree with that. But thinking about it, I agree we should defend ourselves from terrorism, including assassinating Bin Laden, but I feel we should do it with an air of sadness. It's not that I don't agree with the decision to take him out, I believe I would do the same thing, I just think we need to be aware that a human being (and a few others) died to achieve a victory over terrorism.
        Or do you think we should rejoice in the destruction of people that are obviously enemies of the Kingdom of God? I'm open to that idea, but it does grate a little, you know what I mean?

        • Personally, I don't think we ever rejoice over death, but we can rejoice in victory and in justice, even when it comes at cost of someone's life.

          Isn't that what our forefathers celebrated when they earned their victory in freedom from England even at the cost of loved one's lives? They celebrated victory, justice and freedom while lamenting the lives that were spent to gain it.

          • Sean@Life

            Yeah fair enough but I think that needs to be said! Rejoice coz the evil is gone, but we should keep in mind that a man died, that man had family, that man had friends, theres people mourning for him.

            Thanks for that, good to talk through stuff!

            oh and when you say 'our' forefathers………mine were on the other side! I'm English born and bred. =P but hey we're all brothers now!

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