Pray for even the little things

Last weekend my father-in-law gave me an old laptop (PII 266 MHz, 128 MB memory, 6 GB HDD). I promptly removed Windows 98 in order to install the lightweight [tag]Linux[/tag] distribution, Xubuntu, only to find out that the CD-ROM drive barely works. To make a long story short, I spent about 15 or more hours this week (staying up to 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning!) trying to find a way to successfully load [tag]Xubuntu[/tag] on the system without spending money for any new working components.

Yesterday I was finally so frustrated with it that decided to sit down and pray. I told the Lord I wanted to install it the easy way from the CD and asked Him to make the CD-ROM to work long enough to last through the entire installation process. With that prayer, Xubuntu loaded perfectly fine. Here’s a screenshot of my desktop to prove it (click it to view full-size image):

Xubuntu Desktop screenshot

I laughed at myself, “Ya know, I might’ve saved myself a lot of time if I had asked God to help me from the very beginning.” Sometimes it’s easy to go through my routine tasks and mindlessly leave God out. I wonder how much different life would be if I conversed with God over every little thing, if I really prayed “without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). God is interested in all the “little things” in my life, too, not just the big issues I can’t handle.


Posted on December 1, 2006

  • Hey thanks for your post on my multiply. So blessed to have a brother halfway round the globe with almost same set of problems. And like what you shared, I only managed to solve my “wireless” problems after crying out to God for help! :)

  • My wife send me a link to your blog entry. I too am a “Linux guy” who serves the Lord. I feel your pain, and know that prayer can work wonders! I also know that trials build character, and I’ve learned so much from having to do things the hard way, so that even when it sometimes seems God doesn’t answer my “please don’t let this break” prayers, the experience I get from the temporary aggravation is worth it :-)

    God bless!

  • Tim

    Thanks for your comment, Michael! That old laptop is now serving my sister who needed a computer, so the Lord used this teaching moment in my life to help provide for someone else. Cool, huh?

  • hi there tim.thanx for this comment, i always pray if i can’t find anything (including my socks (giggle) or anything i can’t find. i’m not just a youth leader but also the children’s church leader (children in one class from 2and a half to grade 7, small church don’t have our own building so no space just two, one for church and one for me.) so one sunday morning i teach the lesson about prayer and i said you can ask God anything even if you have to write a test or exam but u must learn your work before, then God will help you. so they sit there and i said that i even pray for my socks. and other stuff thats quite small. they laught but i could see they took it home with them. and so now and a again they tease me or tell their mom and others that i pray to find my socks. i just thougt to share it with you.

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