Using Santa app to make simple video announcements

A couple days ago my daughter and I were playing with the Talking Tom 2 app on my phone and used it’s recording feature to upload a little video us to Facebook.

Phillip Allen, a youth worker in Pennsylvania, commented saying that he uses the series of talking apps to record quick little youth group announcements. What a great idea! Here’s a video of one of his youth group announcements:

If you’ve ever used the app, then you know just how simple it is to record you voice as one of their characters and save the video to your phone/iPad, Facebook, or YouTube. Simply open the app, touch the video camera icon to record, and start talking. Tap the recording icon again to stop and you’ll automatically be prompted to publish or save the video. It’s as easy as that!

You can be Santa Clause, a cat, dog, parrot, mouse, giraffe, and more. If someone really want to be creative, I bet it would be fun to record two parts with different characters and then edit them together in iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, although obviously that’s more complicated.

There are both free versions and paid versions available ranging from $0.10 on Android to $2.99 for the iPad. Check them out below!

QUESTION: What other apps do you know of that would work great for making fun youth group video announcements?

Posted on December 15, 2011

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