What seniors need to know about faith in college [Links ‘n Vids]

Links 'n VidsMost of these links and videos are actually from a month or so ago, but the content is still just as solid now and worth your time as they were then. When you get a minute or two this week, here are some blog posts and videos that stood out to me in the blogosphere two weeks ago.

And let me know in the comments below if these Links ‘n Vids posts are helpful for you or not. I’d love to have your feedback about them: Too many links? Post more links? Do it more regularly? You usually skips these posts (but you read this sentence anyway haha)?


  • What a husband needs to understand about his wife – A good assignment at the end of this for every married guy in ministry.
  • Do church (and other things) better! – Good post here, although I’d argue that it’s not as much about trying to increase the professionalism of everything we do, but instead having focus to excel in a few areas that are most important to us and stop the other things completely.
  • Does your church have a learning disability? – Mark Riddle writes about rules we (should) break as a church. Personally, I usually start as the second church and if we get the same results, I shift to the third church. The problem is trying to get others to move there with me.
  • 10 ways to use Facebook in your ministry – Some pretty basic stuff, although it’s pretty easy to overlook or forget about some of these things.
  • How many minutes will kids actually listen? – Jonathan McKee helps us understand how to say in 5 minutes what normally might take us 20 when we teach at youth group.
  • Disqualified – Wanna know what will disqualify you from ministry? Doug Franklin shares 5 things. Most of us will read it and say, “Oh, not me!” but I’m sure everyone who is now disqualified thought that at some time. Don’t be prideful and assume you’re not immune. In humility, set your guard and accountability strong.


Posted on June 27, 2011

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