Short rant on attitudes toward church worship

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Worship does not equal praise bandI don’t really understand people who say things like, “The worship isn’t very good at my church,” or, “Our worship pastor doesn’t remove enough distractions for me to worship.” Man, this is America’s consumerism mentality at its worst. Since when does worship depend on a musical performance? Worship is not an event for 20 minutes on a Sunday morning, it’s a lifestyle of attributing worth to God in everything we say and do. Although worship includes singing, it also includes prayer, loving God, living blamelessly, sharing Christ with others, spending time in the Word, sacrificially serving those around us and more. We don’t go to church to worship, we go to church already worshiping. It can take place in a big church with a professional band and lighting, alone in the quietness of a closet or deep in the jungle of Africa. Worship is a week-long process, a lifestyle, not solely a Sunday morning activity. Sure, certain environments may promote an atmosphere of worship better than others, but worship never hinges upon such factors.

So if someone tells me they can’t worship at their church, who’s fault is that? True worship is not dependent on anyone or anything else other than ourselves and our heart’s attitude toward God.

Posted on September 18, 2006

  • Phillip

    Wow! I really appreciate this blog! Recently I have been thinking about how I get distracted while trying to worship while trying to play in our worship band on Sunday mornings. I know deep down that worship isn’t the 20 minutes of singing songs on Sundays, that it is a daily process, but I don’t always think about constantly worshiping God. This week I will strive to be in a constant state of worship, along with praying with out ceasing.

    Thanks, Tim, for your blessing!

  • Right on the money Tim! I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact, music itself isn’t a requirement for any worship service. I think it is a natural expression of our love for God. Yes, we will plan on having music, and even will choose the number of fast songs/slow songs, but we should never let our choices or even the songs themselves determine for us wether or not we have worshiped.

    Do we sing because we are inspired and singing about things we love or believe? Or do we sing because we love singing and hearing our own voices? I think this is part of the difficulty we have in our modern era of worship music. Just because you can sing or play, doesn’t mean you can give the best in worship. A heart inclined toward God makes the most beautiful music.

  • Yup, very sad. The guy who leads worship gets this a lot: “I really enjoyed your worship this morning.” He usually says, “I’m sorry.” Meaning that they couldn’t join in it. Where is the US going?

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  • Seth,
    While reading through your comment I couldn’t help but to keep on thinking that you’ve got a great way to worship through serving the whole time during the service. God has put you in an important role in the service. Remember to do it all for Christ’s glory.

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